Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now that's a train set

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I wonder what airfare to Hamburg goes for these days?

Atlas will shrug

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I currently manage a medium sized hedge fund (long/short equity).

The current populist uproar is absolute insanity. I don't know how else to say it. You are never going to legislate away greed. Period. It is part of the human psyche. That's all there is to it. You can either fight it, or use it. Incentives work. This is why.

You must read this, all the way through. I don't know if the guys is for real or not, and do not care. The ring of truth is good enough for me.

It's depressing to read some of the comments on his posting. While many of them are supportive and many more ask good questions, there are far too many that are simply stupid--poseurs who want to appear knowledgeable while having no knowledge at all.

Sort of like Barney Frank.

Wanna see a pole dance video?

LawDog's got a great one.

Me want

Tesla Model S.

Look! The locals are getting ideas!

Well, it seems that our favorite Chicago politician's following extends all the way down to the state and local levels, and crosses party lines as well. Change indeed!

A bill filed by a state senator Wednesday would essentially seize Alcoa’s hydroelectric dams on the Yadkin River and convert them into a state operation.

Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell Jr., R-Cabarrus, filed a 14-page bill in the state Senate Wednesday that would create a state trust to take over the four hydroelectric projects Alcoa owns on the Yadkin River at High Rock Lake, Tuckertown Reservoir, Badin Lake and the Falls Reservoir.

Sen. Stan Bingham, R-Davidson, is also a co-sponsor of the bill along with the majority leaders of both parties in the Senate, Phil Berger of Rockingham County and Tony Rand of Cumberland County. The counties affected by the bill are Davidson, Stanly, Montgomery and Rowan.

Whoever thinks this is a good idea is, to be pointed, an idiot. My belief is that the real motivation behind this simply greed. The pols are pissed that Alcoa closed the smelters and started simply selling the power they generate at the dams. It makes no difference to our elected statists that this was a business decision based on economic realities. Like AIG, those greedy bastards must be punished!

If I were Alcoa and it looked like this was going to be successful, Atlas would most definitely shrug. Dismantle the powerhouses and tell the envro-weenies you want to destroy the dams so that you can return the river to its wild state. They'll be in favor of it.

Then you can just sit back and listen to the howls of the people who built all those pricey homes on High Rock and Badin with a smile on your face. And when the local pols figure out what has just happened to their tax base--BONUS POINTS!

(3/27/2009 1431: Alcoa has their say. Stanley County is greedy and pissed. The Governor is clueless on water rights in NC (Hint: They don't work like they do out west). The Salisbury Post says that the greedsters are going to create a "dam mess". And I still think a good healthy shrug is in order.)

Can you guess why?

Obama wants high-paying, high-skill jobs in future

I'm sure the fact that "the rich" pay more in taxes has nothing to do with it. Of course, we will all be considered "rich" eventually, as the bills for The Enlightened One's policies start coming due.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well. God bless Agent Austin Banks!

My readers know I'm not an ATF fan. But here is one ATF agent who will never buy a beer in my presence--Agent Austin Banks.

Anti-gunners say the ban would reduce crime. But Agent Austin Banks with the ATF says it’s people, not guns, who cause tradedies. “It’s not the guns. It’s the guns in the hands of the people who are prohibited from owning them that cause problems in America.”

Oh, go on already

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The Obama wants the power to nationalize seize firms "whose collapse would damage the broader economy". That leads me to two thoughts.

First, this is probably an outgrowth of the "too big to fail" nonsense that we've seen tossed about since the 1979 Chrysler bailout. Government bailouts of any company, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they may be (and it's usually the later, as we're currently learning again), are a Bad Idea. No business is "too big to fail" in my opinion--and if they are, then they've been allowed to get entirely too big to tolerate in a free society.

Second, why doesn't Team O just go ahead and declare the USA a socialist state, so we can go ahead with the Third American Revolution? These half-measures just aren't cutting it, guys. Let's get the party started.

Cameras for me, but not for thee

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The UK, Land of the Omnipresent Surveillance Camera, some have decided that Google Street View is a bad thing and must be shut down.

It strikes me as odd that the same group doesn't seem to be concerned about government surveillance cameras on every corner. Do you suppose David Codrea's "Only Ones" have branched out into CCTV?

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm embarrassed

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If I could write 10% as well as Victor Davis Hanson in his essay "Thoughts About Depressed Americans", I could a famous modern writer, too.


If you pump $1 trillion into the banking system, the stock market goes up almost 498 points. At that rate, it would only take $13 trillion more to get the market totally reinflated.

Take good care of those printing presses, Obama. They're going to be working might hard.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The end is near

I heard about this on the Rush Limbaugh show last week, and someone has kindly Youtube'd it. Enjoy it as you contemplate the end of the Republic.

Ammo prices getting you down?

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How about a search engine for ammo prices?

Am I the only one who thinks our lord and master is flailing about?

Treasury's Toxic Asset Plan Would Cost $1 Trillion
Wait a second...I thought the $700 billion TARP was supposed to handle that.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Rebuffs Obama Message
It's kind of hard to blame him--as weak as that message sounded, I'd hold out for more too.

Obama: US must have "exit strategy" in Afghanistan

You mean "cut and run" isn't a strategy?

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama "ignoramus"
Well, what can you say? If you subscribe to the theory of "It takes one to know one", then Chavez is particularly well-placed to make this judgment.

Obama says would not accept Geithner resignation
Yet. By the time he will, it'll be too late.

Obama on the Tonight Show
Well, why not? His entire presidency so far as been a bad joke so far. Where's Chuck Barris when we need him?

Romer: Firms Will Buy Toxic Assets Because 'We Need Them to Do This'
"And if you don't play ball, let me remind you about AIG..."

Pitiful. Just pitiful.