Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Lexington (NC) Gun and Knife Show

(1/22/2012: This page, for whatever reason, seems to place higher on Google than the show's own site. If you want current dates and locations, please go see their site.)

Oh.... My.... God....

I've been reading stories on various gun forums about gun shows being mobbed as we cling to our guns in the days before the coming of The Bringer of Light. Nothing you read can prepare you for the reality.

The Lexington Guns and Knife Show is a small show as such things go. There are probably 50ish vendors; maybe 150 or so tables. I've always liked it because it's closer to home than Hickory (another favorite of mine), Charlotte, Greensboro or Raleigh. It was recently bought by a guy I know, and he's made some huge changes. Gone is the junk; back are the guns, knives, ammo, reloading supplies and all the other things a gun show ought to have. I will note he has kept the one obligatory beef jerky vendor, and added one nice husband-wife team who sell the most delicious snack items you can buy outside a gourmet snack place. The food vendor, located outside, are also quite tasty--those ladies cook some mean pintos.

Also, being smaller, it's usually not so crowded and is thus easier to navigate.

Not today.

The opening line stretched the length of the building and across the back, a distance of 300' or so. I arrived around 10:30, so the line had worked it's way through--only a 100' or so long. As is always the case at these events, the line was orderly and the conversation was...lively.

Note to The Bringer of Light--you have no fanboys at gun shows. You have no fans at gun shows. You have no one who even so much as approves of you as far as I can tell. Most definately, no one trusts you or your cohorts with our guns, our money or our freedom. In short, there is much anti-Obama sentiment. I Hope that doesn't harm your self-esteem or anything.

My full posse was in attendance--Old Friend and his son, Old Friend's Older Brother and his Significant Other, Old Friend's Little Brother and his son, about half of my gun club, several folks from work and a couple of neighbors. Them, and most of the rest of the population of Davidson and Randolph counties, or so it seemed.

Business was brisk. Contrary to many reports, ammo was readily available, as were AR and AK pattern rifles. So were many high-power sniper hunting rifles, shotguns of all descriptions, pistols, bayonets and so on. Prices on rifle ammo were variable--.223, .308 and 7.62x39 were up slightly over my last show, most others were about where I remembered. Ammo in pistol calibers was all over the map, with prices from good to unreal. Prices on ARs were mostly up--20-50%. Given that folks like Jim Shepherd of The Shooting Wire have reported that manufacturers have not increased prices so far, I decided to leave them to the desperate, even though I would like to have just one more. Prices on AK-pattern guns were up 10% or so, and pistols were pretty much where they should have been, except for one vendor. He was very proud of his guns, but oddly enough, he wasn't selling many of them.

Magazines were available for nearly anything you could think of, at prices ranging from average to rip-off.

All in all, careful shopping and lots of communication between members of the group paid off with some good deals.

Old Friend bought a Taurus 1911, Hogue grips and ammo. Older Brother bought a wonderful Springfield 1903 with all matching serial numbers for a song. Bastard. If I had seen it first, he would have never got a sniff.

As an interesting sidebar, that '03 was bought in the parking lot, using the infamous "gun show loophole". You know, a private transaction between two willing sellers in a state where such things are legal? There was a lot of this sort of unregulated commerce going on. I hope it caused Sarah Brady to wet herself.

I got a holster for my Kel-Tec PF-9, quite a bit of .38 Special and .357 magnum ammo (the prices were excellent, as such things go today), powder and primers. I passed on the tasty snacks--Christmas has added several unneeded pounds to my body and I need to see if I can show them the door.

All in all, a productive and highly interesting day.

(Edit, 1/10/2008 21:29: added some more thoughts.)

A safe story

Michael Bane, who many of you know from his TV shows, podcast and blog, recently had a gun safe failure. You can read about it in his 4 posts, here, here, here and here (in that order).

While there are two sides to every story, I think that I'd consider long and hard before I bought that brand of safe.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It was a short honeymoon

(Via the Drudge Report)

OK, so how do you top a (possibly inadvertent) snub of someone who should be one of your biggest allies? Why, you go grab onto that "third rail of politics"--Social Security and Medicare!

For an encore, The Big O going to take a page from Bill Clinton's handbook (why not--he's hiring all his old employees), and take on the "gays in the military" thing. While he may well be right, this is an overall loser for him with most of the population, just as it was for Clinton.

All this, and he's not even sworn in yet. It's starting to look like that inexperience argument that was heard so many times during the campaign may develop some legs. A smart politician would have let some (if not all) of these contentious issues wait for the second term.

The guy's got a little less than two weeks before he's sworn in. At the rate he's going through political capital, he's going to be finished before he gets started.

Finally! Some Change I can believe in!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick, someone call the cops!

An election has been stolen.

Hollyweird no more?

Well, not exactly, but it seems as if some Hollywood actors are coming out of the closet:

A once-timid group of social outcasts is emerging from the shadows in Hollywood. If the past year is any indication, Tinseltown may have to get accustomed to the loud presence of a growing minority.

After years of silence, conservatives are coming out of the closet.

Big Hollywood premieres tomorrow. This should be an interesting answer to the Huffing(ton) Post.

Hunting expansion in NC proposed

There hasn't been much good news for gun owners or hunters since the November election, but this message from Grassroots NC is like a breath of fresh air:
Public comment is being accepted until Feb. 1, 2009 by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission concerning an unbelievable expansion of your hunting rights.

Among the proposals are:
  • No daily bag limit on deer.
  • A single uniform deer season to clear up current county by county confusion.
  • Remove restrictions on the types of firearms allowed on game landsduring open hunting seasons, but while big game seasons are closed. Therefore removing the criminality of possessing certain types of shotgun shells or pistols larger than .22 caliber during the closed big game firearms seasons.
  • Extends muzzle loader season to two weeks.
  • Allow archery equipment use during muzzle loader season.
  • Expanded rifle hunting opportunities.
You may read the proposed changes in their entirety by visiting and selecting "2009 Proposed Regulations & Public Hearing Schedule." GRNC feels these are positive changes for NC hunters and an unprecedented expansion of your hunting rights.
OK folks, hunter or not, click on the link and give the bureaucrats a piece of your mind. We need to gather every win we can.