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That's going to leave a mark

Because it's easier, you know, than stopping terrorists

Here's a pair

Good news, bad news

Nothing on TV to watch?

More evidence

The very picture of a president!

Merry Christmas!

Stille Nacht

Have a little hope

le déluge

Perhaps this time it will be different


This may come in handy

A Congress of whores

Well, that's nice

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Working out rimfire magazine riddles


Socialized medicine


Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Old lies

Celebrating a meaningless milestone

A mother avenged


Glory be!

OK, so he's a "liberal studies major"

I don't want to say this...



Of course, if our side did this to them...

Graphical unemployment

Sleep through history class, Harry?

It's the last chance to save the planet

Pearl Harbor mystery--solved?

I hate it when this happens

He's "special"

Suicide by cop

Obviously, this is impossible

Flashlight porn

I'm glad I'm not a Progress Energy customer

Apparently, the Reality Distortion Field is being overdriven today

This is health care "reform"?

"This is your brain on political correctness"

The GOP Platform (product improved version)

Want to see a real maverick?

In praise of e-commerce

But...but...this couldn't happen!

Happy Thanksgiving

How to title this post?

Calling Bullshit! on the gun banners

Handy information to have

Remember the Census worker found dead in Kentucky?


Not all warriors carry a weapon

So, how is that new shotgun?

Mary Landrieu isn't cheap

I can has new boomstick!

Worried yet?

It would seem that "settled science" just got rather unsettled

Of course the government won't ration health care

What's the going rate for a US Senator?

Welcome to the Surveillance States of America

I did my part

Sorry for the lack of posting

Screw Duke

Can solar do it?

I wonder what he'll do for the Chinese?

National Ammo Day

"After all these years, you'd think they should know."

I'm b-a-a-a-ck!

Call it what you will

Light blogging alert

Did I miss something?

His lips were moving

And now I have something to say

What to say?

SC man gets 3 years in prison for sex with horse


Score that one as an oowie

Sometimes the news is not the story

Internet strangeness

Great stuff on sale

Well, this is a first

Check it!


Monsters on Halloween

Unclear on the concept of "employable"

Oh crap, now I have to figure out iTunes

UN UNcomfortable with UNauthorized personnel

I bet it's more like $4 million per...


Leftist lies

There was even a question?

Maintaining a nice, clean Internet

Want to cause a leftist pain?

"Welcome home, brother."

League of the Perpetually Offended, Pennsylvania Chapter

"a .25 in my pocket beat hell out of the 9mm I left sitting on my desk at home."

Those evil health insurance companies

Doing our part

Problem solving the hacker way


OK, so I went to the gun show

Oh, I wish I was in the Land of Cotton