Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, isn't this interesting

(Via Freedom Sight)

The ATF agent who led the Cavalry Arms raid now has a face. And a cell phone number and an email addy. The View From North Central Idaho has the details.

These are, quite frankly, weapons of war,'' ATF special agent Tom Mangan said as he picked up an assault rifle and examined it. "These are military-type weapons. This is firepower you would expect to see on the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yep, that's the ATF we all know and wish to dismember.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cavalry Arms raided by the ATF

Cavalry Arms has been raided by the ATF. Not many details yet, other than their entire firearms inventory was cleaned out. Being a big AR shop, the boys at ARFCOM are all over this one, and that's probably the best place to keep up on the story from the point of view of the Cavalry ARms folks (they have a forum there).

There is also a little something on YouTube:

Yeah right

(Via the Drudge Report)

Prince Harry has been secretly fighting the Taliban on the front line in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence confirmed today.

First, God bless and keep you, sir, and deliver you home safely when your job is done.

Second, remember that Prince harry is third in line for the throne. Can you imagine the third in line of Presidential Succession in the US going into combat?

Neither can I.


You can talk about Ted Turner and his billion bucks to the UN, or Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, I'm a lot more impressed with the philanthropy of the late Mariam Cannon Hayes, heiress to the Cannon Mills fortune.

She left much of her fortune to the Tryon Palace Commission along with various hospitals, schools, colleges and universities around the state of North Carolina.--after many years of and many millions of dollars given during her life.

Now that's true generosity for you. It isn't coerced from you by force, and it isn't about getting your mug on TV. It's about the giving to worthy causes and doing it close to home. Thank you, ma'am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A void is created

William F. Buckley, perhaps the most erudite speaker on behalf of conservatism, has died at the age of 82. Farewell, sir. We shall miss your wise counsel.

Monday, February 25, 2008

People of the Gun

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People of the Gun. It's cool. Go there.

I shall be listed shortly.

6'8" tall, $11,900 to buy and $14 a shot

(Via Capitalist Lion)

And boy howdy do I lust for one. The Anzio Ironworks Mag-Fed 20mm Rifle has a range of 5000 yards, and is also available in the wimpy 14.5 mm caliber for the recoil sensitive among you. Oh, and if it's too noisy, you can get a suppressor. ;-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Your Sunday Firepower Video

Big guns make big booms...


(Via the Survival and Emergency Preparedness blog)

Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed. Meet the Hexayurt, a place to live for $200. I'm going to file this idea away for future need. In the event of an Event, you could salvage all the necessary materials, save the tape.

A thing of beauty

Via Tam, we find this jewel of political thought:

Gun-people are so used to being mistaken for a fireplug by the dogmatic that the GOP's vague hints that they look okay with a bag over our heads sounds like True Love to our battered ears.

And yes, boys and girls, it gets better from there. Roberta X needs to be mandatory reading for the "Close your eyes and think of America" crowd who is trying to persuade us to vote for McCain.

I haven't been blogging politics much this go-round because I have this sense of "We've lost." By that, I mean that, no matter who is elected in November, those of us who love our Country and respect its Constitution are going to be left on the outside, standing in the snow, peering in a window at the leftists of various stripes cutting pieces off the cooked carcass that used to be our Federal system.

I had hoped that Fred Thompson might be our candidate, but that died aborning. Dr. Paul, bless his heart, isn't ever going to be President, and will probably be lucky to keep his Congressional seat.

Perhaps a wide-spread write-in campaign for Micky Mouse might get the message across to both parties that the party is over. Either that or a national collapse should work.