Monday, January 14, 2008


(As found in various places, but first noticed on The Smallest Minority)

The effing Federal government has filed an amicus brief on the Heller case. Read about it on Dave Hardy Of Arms and the Law, but be warned, you aren't going to like what they say. I am beside myself. "Traitorous bastards" is just a starting point. "Oh yes, it's a right, be we want to reserve the government's ability to screw around with it whenever we please, as long as we can come up with some half-assed reason for doing so."

The NRA has also weighed in, for what that's worth.

You know, I worked hard to get President Bush reelected. Yeah, he wasn't perfect, but he was better than Kerry. Now we see just how small the difference really was.

May they rot in Hell, the lot of them.

(Edit: Michael Bane has a different take, from Jim Shephard, on his blog. I don't agree with Jim's take. This sort of wanting to have it both ways, which is reflected in the amicus brief (I've been reading), has all the hallmarks of politics at its worst. Just the sort of thing I tend to expect from Washington these days.

MB also notes that Dave Kopel at the Volokh Conspiracy has a very different take. Kopel notes that the Bush presidency had a big impact on the 2006 UN gun control conference, as well as Protection of Lawful Commerces in Arms Act, and that's all true. Things like that are why I worked for Bush. However, I have to agree with Michael's comments--anything this contentious would almost have to have the President's sign off. Folks, we've been thrown under the bus again.)

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