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For my last post of the year

Catching a clue?

A road well-traveled

Quick and dirty log cabin

Be careful what you ask for

Famous doesn't mean intelligent

Well I didn't know this

So, what did Santa bring you?

Merry Christmas!

This just in

Success is evil

How screwed up...

The mechanics of election theft


What is it with you people in Minnesota?

What you can do this week

Hardly a surprise

Oh look, more of the Chicago Mafia coming to Washington

Is this "Change we can believe in"?

Almost missed it

The logic of the left

"...the U.S. should probably declare bankruptcy."

Thomasville High School--NC 1AA Football Champions!

The way things used to be


Things we've lost

Uncommon valor

Defending her civil rights

Our parents' "dirty pictures"

OK, time for politics

The man who tracked down Saddam

Ah, Christmas break!

This story will just warm your heart

Down the memory hole again

More of "Denial is not a river in Egypt"

Christmas humor

Illinois politics full of corruption and crime?

Absolutely unsure how to categorize this one...

There is, however, hope


We remember

What an incredibly crappy non-apology

We can still laugh

News for global warming fetishists

How to build Stonehenge

DIY infrared video camera

We caught a break

Snark from Fred Thompson

Adapting the new to service the old

Shut up already!

A big voice in Blogland goes silent

Let me see here...

What you can do this week

Some days, all I need to fill up the blog is the Drudge Report

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, here's another gun company that doesn't get it

Here's hoping the High Sheriff receives his comeuppance

How bad can our economy get?

What you can do this week

Just like we've been saying

Another hunter who doesn't "get it"

Hm-m-m...seems that Change is filtering down to the state level

Look what's back

Zombie Reagan

Interesting map

Well, there goes that Hope

Sir, you need to practice more

If you drive in North Carolina

Well, someone gets it

Poor Barry

A little bit of my day

So just how big is the monarchy?

Smart lady, smart message


Nazzo fast, Guido

Too much Change?

Let's have a gun post...

Geopolitical Challenges

Foot in mouth disease

Some Change

A potential starting point

Re-enlisting with a bang

Hope seems to be in short supply in the markets today

Spreading the wealth?

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Oh, and another thing...

Renewing the Republican Party

Democrats to assume power...