Friday, October 26, 2007

How can...

A story have a happy ending and make you cry? Read this and find out.

LawDog, you sir are a Peace Officer, and a fine one at that. I hope Bugscuffle appreciates just how fortunate they are to have you.

NetApp rocks!

I don't normally blog about work. Such things can be hazardous to a blogger's health. To many folks have lost jobs over it. But this just has to go out to the masses, and this is my only way of doing it.

I run a small IT shop in an industry not to be identified for an employer you may not know. For storing our files, I rely on systems from Network Appliance. They're expensive, and they're good--in the unspeakable number of years I've used their equipment, I've had two failures.

This morning, I bopped into the office and started the first thing check of email. Right at the top were two messages from my NetApp filer. The gist of them was that a power supply was showing weakness. Not failed, just a bit out of spec. It had already notified NetApp tech support and opened a trouble ticket. The filer is still working, because (a) the power supply hasn't failed and (b) even if it had failed, it has redundant power supplies. NetApp doesn't sell them any other way.

After an exchange of emails, tech support and I confirmed the diagnoses. Normally at this point, a vendor will overnight you the part. Not NetApp. The tech I was working with said the part would be here today. "Yeah right," was the phrase that crossed my mind.

Now I will note NetApp has a point of presence a couple of hours away, so that does make this easier, but still.... They paid for a hot-shot carrier to pick up the replacement power supply and bring it here to the employer you may not know. It arrived right before lunch, and I've just installed it, ran a test and confirmed we're back in the green.

Now, I know this piece of hardware is expensive, and we spend a pretty large amount of coin each year on maintenance. Most people would say I should expect this level of service. But as I've seen, not just in IT but all over, outstanding customer service is a rare thing, no matter how much a piece of equipment costs. This is customer service above and beyond what I think anyone could reasonably expect, and I wanted to acknowledge that. NetApp, you guys flatly ROCK!

And the best part is all those end users were never any the wiser. Buying quality pays.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The real Hillary--Uncensored!

Watching this video will be the best 13:39 you spend between now and the 2008 presidential election.

Especially if you're a Democrat.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Whiskey Mike Foxtrot, over?

OK, some kind soul clue me in. The referral log is showing a bunch of hits coming in via email--like there's a message floating around, and there's a link to the blog, all referring to this post about Marc Faber's gloomy forecast.

I'm dyin' to know what ya'll are saying. :-)

Hillbilly Wisdom

Given that I'm descended from hillbillies, I'm more than slightly inclined to click on a website that has that word in the title. Somewhere along the line, I found the Hillbilly Housewife. Some of the information is a bit dated given recent price increase in food, but the $45/week Emergency Menu and the $70/week Everyday Menu are well worth saving. Balanced meals each and every day, with snacks, for a fraction of what most people spend on groceries and eating out. There's lots of other goodies there, but most of the information revolves around eating well on the cheap. Worth your time.

A light in the darkness

I was going through some old emails, and found this URL, sent to me by one of my many Internet Spies:

WT Kirkman, The Source for Tubular Hurricane Lanterns and Parts

If you click on that link, prepare to loose a significant chunk out of your evening.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fair warning?

Have you noticed that the economy seems a bit shaky of late? You know, the Dow Industrials falling 366+ points Friday, the ongoing saga relating to bad housing loans, our government covering up the true rate of inflation by removing food and energy from its calculations so us proles feel better--little things like that?

Of course you have. So has Marc Faber, editor/publisher of the aptly named "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report". He's very pessimistic about the economy. Just how pessimistic is he? His real estate advice is to "Buy a farm and learn to drive a tractor."