Friday, September 21, 2007

Power and government

And government power...

A federal rule, made in reaction to a 2003 blackout that started by trees sagging onto power lines, will mean that many folks will be losing trees in their yards, as utility companies who once trimmed trees (well, some would say butchered) will now be cutting them down.

Property owners, understanding that the value of their homes will decrease, are not happy. Of course, they would be unhappy if their power went out for a few days, too, but in their view, that's a risk they're willing to take. Big trees take decades to grow, but a power outage is a short-term problem that occurs infrequently.

I understand why a rule like this comes to be, and I understand why the property owners are upset. Some group of government functionaries have now substituted their judgment and their calculations of risk vs. reward for those of the effected people. That's their job, and they've been granted, for better or worse, the ability to do these things.

Lesson? That government is not your friend. It isn't concerned about you as an individual, or even you as a part of a larger group. Government has its own concerns, and when they conflict with yours...

Yours will lose.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Watch your six

It isn't something I'd normally blog about, but I hope you've all been keeping an eye on the stock market/Federal Reserve/dollar goings-on. I only understand it in the broadest terms, but it looks like those hard times us "preparedness nuts" have been warning people about may be just around the corner. No guarantees, but if there has been a chance for an out-and-out depression in the last 30 years, it's now, I think.

Part of this concern is generated by things I'm observing first-hand. Business at local tourist attractions is dropping at a time when it's usually doing well. A large group of homes has suddenly been listed for sale at a time of year when housing sales normally begin to slow. Despite media reports to the contrary, prices on gas, food and most similar goods are rising at a pretty good pace. Restaurant business is declining. Business at yard sales is booming.

Here at The Freehold, we have stepped up certain activities and moved up certain plans calling for the use of those crashing dollars. It's all things we'd have done eventually anyway, so even if nothing happens, nothing goes to waste.

If you haven't made any moves to prepare yourself for what may come, you might want to consider doing so while there is still time and it can be easily (and still somewhat cheaply) done.

It's going to be a long trip, so pack a good book

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Of course, in our modern terrorist-aware society, you might want to watch just which book you pack, lest it disturb our guardians.

The bastards would crap their pants if they saw my bookshelves.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amnesty for illegals

You know, some people just refuse to take "HELL NO!" for an answer. It seems that the concept of amnesty for illegal aliens is going to creep our from under that rock again, this time in the form of the DREAM Act of 2007.

Cleverly disguised as an education bill (After all, who can be against education, right?), this bill appears, at least on a quick read, to be a back-door attempt to grant legal status to illegal aliens in the name of educating their children. Of course, I can't see the need for this; if you visit most schools in NC they're already overrun with the illegal alien children of illegal alien adults, getting a free (well, for them, anyway) education.

You can get more information, including a list of Congresscritters who are said to be wavering or outright supporting this legislation at the NumbersUSA web site. Luckily, NC's two Senators are are the right side of the issue, but those of you find yourself saddled with one or more CCs that aren't need to get on the stick and call, email and generally make pests of yourselves.

Folks, things like this are like us gunnies' long-running battle for our Second Amendment rights--you have to win every time, and the other side only has to win once. Let's be sure they don't get that win this time.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gonna be some slow blogging

At least, it looks that way. Last week was slow, and it seems that this week, and maybe the next couple will be so as well. It seems that Fall as arrived, and all at once. It was 97° last Saturday, 79° this Saturday, and something like 52° that night. Yowser, you have to like that. Of course, it feels like you're freezing to death, because it's been so hot all summer.

And of course with the coming of fall, is fall Little League Season, county fairs, getting things ready for winter and so on. And school--I don't want to go there, yet I must. With 2 kids and Mrs. Freeholder all in school, I'm in charge of picking up the slack. Plus several large home improvement projects that require my time dealing with contractors. Oh yeah, and work. They'd like to see my smiling face from time to time. Like Monday to Friday.

So if I'm not around much, now you'll know why. And who knows--maybe I can learn to do without sleep after all.

Aim carefully

(Via the ODCMP newsletter)

"What Sight Picture Is Best For You?" by SSG Tobie Tomlinson is a top notch article on sight pictures and how and when to use specific ones. You get a bonus of 7 guidelines for effective shooting. Good stuff.