Friday, June 15, 2007

That creaking sound you hear...

(Via Drudge)

Well, we all know the drill.  Call, write, email, stomp your feet and hold your breath.  We made enough noise last time that we scared them off, and we need to do it again.  They're going to add some language that the less-thoughtful will see as "adressing the problems" in the bill, but don't be fooled.  It still walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

And it still stinks like shit.  Go get 'em, boys and girls.

Adding another one to the collection

I just called up AIM Surplus and ordered one of their German K98s and some ammo.  My C&R is on file, and Brian had my order in less than 60 seconds.  (These guys make it look easy.)  Now tell me, is that cool or what?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The glory that was Rome


Archaeologists, architects and various flavors of computer geeks from the University of Virginia and UCLA, and research institutes in Italy, Germany and Britain have spent 10 years building a computer simulation of Rome at the height of its power.

RomeReborn1.0 is probably one of the coolest uses of computing I've ever seen. Go check it out.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I had planned to work out in the yard, chipping up a brush pile. It's been so dry lately that burning them, which is what one usually does in the "country", is out of the question as simply too dangerous.

So, of course, tonight we got some whopping thunderstorms. The weather alert radio went off and everything. No damage here--the warning of high winds and damaging hail must have been for someone else.

However, I did want to get something done, so I decided to do some straightening in the basement. I've been more than a little lazy about that, and it was time to stop being lazy. Cleaning off the workbench, I ran into a handful of Garand clips that I got recently when buying a few guns.

Just a few--3 M1s and an M1A. And about 1800 rounds of ammo for them. Plus a couple of mags for the M1A and an inexplicable Colt AR mag.

At any rate, there I stand, clips in hand. Considering them. I dropped one on the bench just to hear the echo of "that sound"--you know, the one made when an M1 ejects an empty clip. And I decided it had been way too long since I'd heard that sound for real, and too long since I'd been to the range.

So I broke open a case of 30-06, finding it to be delinked Lake City 69 M2 ball. Sweet. Then I gathered up every Garand clip I could find, and started loading them up. It took a while, and over half a case of the Lake City. However, now I'm prepared. This weekend, the weather is supposed to be decent. I'm going to load up a few guns, a bunch of ammo, my Dad, any of my children who wish to attend, and my wife if she'll go. And off to the range we shall venture. And yes, sometime next week there shall be gun porn, something that's been missing here for some time.

Heck, I deserve it. Sunday I'm taking Son and a Friend to a WWE event in Raleigh. Pray for me.