Friday, April 06, 2007

Common sense in education

You know, I've always heard good things about Idaho. It seem I was hearing right. Hats off to the Twin Falls, Idaho school system.

Junior high school students in this southern Idaho town who owe money on past cafeteria lunches have received a firsthand lesson in economics and debt.

It came in the lunch room, not the classroom, when students with outstanding balances saw their hot food trays publicly dumped into the garbage and replaced with sack lunches.

It seems that some of the students owed as much as $600 to the cafeteria. Worse yet,

"What we found is that most of the students had the money, but they just weren't paying for their lunch," Henderson said. "On Monday, some of the students just went to their lockers and got the money to pay for their lunch."

So what the kids were doing was taking their lunch money, blowing it on something else, then eating for "free".

No word about whether or not the parents were aware of their offspring's financial shenanigans.

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