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On charity

Merry Christmas

Why we don't allow Liberals/Progressives/Whatevers to write Christmas stories

Greetings from the Freehold South

Heading South

Ammo prices got you down?

First Flight

How to hurt the nannies?

"...absolutely nothing illegal..."

Way to go, Joe

Read this book

What a wimp

High geekery--Time Nuts

Santa Claus, data thief

Something you're not going to see a lot of in the Lame-stream Media

December 7, 1941

Absolutely and utterly NSFW

Tragedy compounding tragedy

DVD sales are off

Warm and cozy

Didja ever hear the one...

Was Ben Franklin wrong?

Damn speculators

Now there's an idea...

Sometimes progress...isn't

Brother, can you spare a dime

Happy Thanksgiving

And here we go

What's that music I hear?


I didn't sign no freakin' contract!

Exceptional professionalism is a job requirement


Updating the blogroll

Make 'em prove they own it

Sorry, but we don't want your business

Fresh from the Boiling Frogs Department

Once again, we honor our veterans

Jarring contrasts

Credit where credit is due

Global warming is a scam?

Spew Alert

NC voters exhibit good sense

A rifleman's prayer

OK, it's an oldie

An interesting blog

Closer than I'd care for


Urban Assault Wheelbarrow

Daughter's car will have one of these

Don't foget

Pretty sad

Trick or Tax!

Happy Halloween

To serve and protect

How can...

NetApp rocks!

The real Hillary--Uncensored!

Whiskey Mike Foxtrot, over?

Hillbilly Wisdom

A light in the darkness

Fair warning?

Panty Raid!

About freakin' time

Memory Lane

Something to read and reflect on

All units, be on the lookout for...

Greetings from Atlanta

A disturbing flu development

Goodbye, Miss Moneypenny

"There are only two things I have to do: stay black and die."

But hey, at least we don't live in a police state

Take a test

What he said

Power and government

Watch your six

It's going to be a long trip, so pack a good book

Only in the South

Amnesty for illegals

Gonna be some slow blogging

Aim carefully

6 years on

Rule 4

Madeleine L'Engle, RIP


Valor, delayed

Goodbye, Coach Smith

So what's the cyberpunk master thinking today?

It's official

OK, we're closing in on the big announcement

Solar on the cheap

Well this isn't exactly a surprise

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

And one last one

They're not listening

Stick it in the Brady Bunch's eye

The view from the other side of the pond

Protest at your own risk

Thanks to Red's

How easily we forget

Gotta watch those surplus Commie weapons

The price of energy is going up in NC