Saturday, November 25, 2006

And now we know who our intrepid auto recycler is!

(Via Capitalist Lion)

Our auto recycler is Jeremy Clarkson of the show Top Gear.

He also recycles Toyota Priuses (Prii?), which may be the only reasonable use of the things.

In the video, please note how the final projectiles completely pierce the vehicle and kick up the dust in the berm. A thing of beauty....

Auto recycling

(Via Rivrdog)

When you have an old car that no longer runs and you live way out in the country, you simply take the old car out in the back 40 and leave it. If you're a Jeff Foxworthy-style redneck, you put it in the side yard on blocks. If you're really into the "green" thing, you take it to a salvage yard where they may or may not pull of the good parts and shred the rest up into little bits that will be sold the China as scrap and returned to us in the form of cheap toasters at Wal-mart.

This gentleman has a much more entertaining way of disposing of the old beast.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, all

Me and mine would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Try not to overeat, OK?

Monday, November 20, 2006 many?

Once again, the US Mint is going to try a new dollar coin. They hope for better acceptance than in their previous attempts.

It won't happen. The only way get a dollar coin accepted is to stop printing dollar bills. Do that, and it will be accepted. Not without a lot of howling, but it will be accepted. There will be no alternative.

And for a change, the government would have used it's coercive force to accomplish something positive.

Feeling neither warm nor fuzzy

(Via Drudge)

Well, we can now have a new hobby. At random intervals, look up into the sky and raise your middle finger in salute:

Global Hawk to Fly 1st Mission Over U.S.

I really like this quote:

This landmark flight has historic implications since it's the first time a Global Hawk has not only flown from Beale, but anywhere in the United States on an official Air Combat Command mission," base spokesman Capt. Michael Andrews said in a statement.

Air Combat Command, huh? I'm feeling less warm and fuzzy by the second...

(For those who haven't been following aerial drones, Global Hawk is an "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle provides Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near-real-time, high-resolution, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery".)

We can hope that these things are only being used against suspected terrorists or similar miscreants. (We can really hope that they were being used to protect our borders and help stop illegal immigration, but that wouldn't be hope--that would be delusional.) However, given our government's history with surveillance technologies, I doubt that it will be long before your local SWAT team will be requesting Global Hawk support before they execute that "no knock" warrant on a suspected drug dealer.

Let's hope they get the address right.

Of course, they could just call up and ask for Predator support instead. It is, after all, the next logical step in our journey to Empire.