Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey Kids! What time is it?!

(Via TB2K)

Well, I'm afraid it isn't Howdy Doody Time. Robert Tracinski, writing in The Intellectual Activist, believes it's Five Minutes To Midnight.

Mr. Tracinski has noted, as have many others, the interesting parallels between the first decade of the 21st Century and the 1930s. It makes for some interesting reading, and I'll allow it to speak for itself.

Speaking for myself, I believe that history doesn't so much repeat itself as much as it moves in cycles. Each cycle is different than the preceding one, yet each one is reminiscent as well.

I will proceed in my preparations for the future based, in part, on that belief.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You gotta eat

Gunner at No Quarters shares his thoughts on food. Having grown up the son of parents who lived in the Great Depression, I see his point exactly.

The voice of a generation

(Via Wired Magazine's Blogs)

Monkey Bites is reporting on YouTube's latest phenomenon, a 79 year old Englishman named Peter, who is posting videos of his "geriatric grumbles" (not the best way to link to it, but his profile is not currently working). Well worth your time to watch.

Time passes

(Link via The Mountain Man.)

It's hardly news that the generation that grew up during the Great Depression and fought and won World War II is passing quickly. I still have a difficult time getting used to that unpleasant part of reality, since my parents are members of that group. You never want to think of your parents as old--or dead.

Another thing we don't want to think about are those little indignities that age heaps upon you--sight becomes a bit more fuzzy, the ability to perform hard work comes at a greater price and so on. But what happens when you aren't able to visit your friends--men who you have fought with?

The men and the families of the 551st Anti-Aircraft Battalion, US Third Army have had to face that question. The Winston Salem Journal lets you know their answer to it. (Registration required, BugMeNot may work.)