Thursday, June 08, 2006

Are we sure?

(Via WorldNet Daily)

Rejecting an argument being made by some conservatives in his own party, President Bush said Thursday that the idea that the United States could force millions of illegal immigrants to return home "ain't gonna work."

How the hell do we know? We haven't tried it yet, grumble grumble, grumble.

OK, so we got al-Zarqawi

I'm not belittling this--killing this so-and-so is a major achievement, and everyone involved deserves our thanks. There's a couple less cockroaches on the face of the earth tonight. For a while, things will be a bit better.

However, like killing cockroaches, there's always more to take their place. Sure, al-Zarqawi is dead, but another nutjob will show up to take his place. We need to start killing ants.

"Do what?! Is this guy finally losing it?" Hardly.

If you have ants in your house, you can kill them in the house for weeks with bug sprays, but you'll still have ants in your house. What you need to do is wipe out the ant colony permanently, and that means killing the queen. Kill her, then the colony dies out in very short order.

We need to get bin Laden. Kill him, and the rest is mopping up.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Government employees in need of new careers

You may place Dr. James H. Johnson Jr., director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center at the University of North Carolina'’s Kenan-Flagler Business School; and Axel Lluch, director of Hispanic Latino Affairs at the N.C. Office of the Governor, on The Freeholder's list of "Government Employees Who Need To Lose Their Jobs".

Both were speakers at a lunch, sponsored by the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce, on the subject of "Embracing Immigration". [Link to local news story.]

The problem is that they want us to embrace all immigration--not just those who come legally, but illegally as well. To support their case, they trotted out the following study results:
  • 45% of North Carolina's Hispanic population is here illegally
  • 35% of income earned by Hispanics is untaxed
  • Hispanics cost the government entitlment system $102 more per person than they contribute
I don't know about you, but those numbers aren't really going help the case for illegal immigration in my neighborhood.

When questioned by an attendee:

Saunders added another question, asking when it all stops. When does the flow of illegal immigrants stop coming to America to take American jobs, he asked "when America has the same standard of living as Mexico?"

Dr. Johnson had the following reply:

"Close off the borders and put another $20 on the table for that shirt you'’re wearing,"” he said, stepping back from the podium and throwing up his hands.

If that's the highest level of intellectual discourse a UNC professor can rise to, then the taxpayers, students and alumni who support that school are getting gyped.

I already knew my Federal Government isn't interested in stopping illegal immigration. I kow know that my State Government isn't interested, either. I can hear those third parties calling my name.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Does the military know something we don't?

Military families are being encouraged to "load up their pantries" as the Defense Commissary Agency launches an awareness campaign encouraging military families to keep nonperishable foods, water and other necessities on hand for emergencies.

Wise advice at any time, but interesting given the news recently. Forewarned is forearmed, perhaps?

No, no! I meant to say...

New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley has apparently decided that a Federal investigation isn't something he's interested in being a part of. The following it the entire text of the Second Amendment Foundation's announcment. I apologize for not sumarizing, but it doesn't lend itself to it.



BELLEVUE, WA – Within two hours of an announcement that the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) was calling for a Justice Department investigation of New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley’s plan to confiscate guns again if a major storm hits the city this year, SAF learned that Riley has backed off.

“Somehow,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, “I don’t believe this is a coincidence. Earlier this year, as our attorneys were about to enter a motion for contempt against Riley and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in federal court, the city finally admitted that it did have hundreds of seized firearms in its possession. That came after months of denial the city had taken guns from anybody.

“Now, days after Riley told a New Orleans radio station that he was planning another gun grab,” Gottlieb continued, “we have him suddenly back pedaling almost immediately after we announce our complaint to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

“We know that since his announcement Friday on WWL-AM about the plans to confiscate firearms, the station has been getting a very negative public reaction toward the police chief,” Gottlieb noted. “Whether his remarks on Friday were some sort of trial balloon just to gauge public sentiment, or whether he was serious, our decision to file a complaint with the Justice Department was equally serious, if not moreso.

“For months, we and the National Rifle Association, who was our partner in the lawsuit against the city, were stonewalled, ignored and lied to about the post-Katrina gun confiscations,” Gottlieb said. “After Riley’s statement on Friday, SAF decided that enough was enough. Two weeks ago, we warned the city that we would be watching for this sort of thing. Our letter to the Attorney General stands, because we want Riley, and anybody else who considers gun grabs to be a good idea, to understand that we’re simply not kidding around.

“We warned the city that we would adopt a zero tolerance policy about these illegal gun grabs,” Gottlieb concluded, “and we meant it.”

Well, well. A bully who backs down when forcefully confronted. Who'd a thunk it?

Marriage and government

So President Bush had decided to support a Constitutional amendment that defines marriage as the union of a single man and a single woman.

Leaving aside the interesting timing, which seems absolutely designed to shore up his support among a segment of the "Republican base", can someone give me a single good reason why our government is involved in the recognition, regulation, demotion or promotion of the institution of marriage?

Why do I need a government issued marriage license (complete with license fee and occasionally medical tests) in order to have the religious leader of my choice join me and my intended together as man and wife?

If the marriage isn't "as long as you both shall live", why do I need the government, along with an expensive legal representative that I have to pay for, in order to dissolve it?

Why does the US Tax Code (*spit*) penalize me if I get married, but look the other way if I decide to cohabit with the significant other of my choice?

Why is the government involved in "holy matrimony" at all? What business is it of the government? Step outside the twin boxes of "traditional marriage" and "gay marriage" and look at this from a completely different angle. Wake up to the Leviathan that government at all levels has become, and ask yourself if this is really the government you want.

Because it's damn sure the one you've got, and if you don't like it, it's your moral duty to change it.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Unclear on the concept

The Second Amendment Foundation is publicizing a radio interview with current New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley where he notes

"During an exigent circumstance like that (a Katrina-like event), we cannot allow people to walk the street carrying guns."

This is despite a Louisiana law stating that it's perfectly legal for citizens to be armed in public. So what we have here is a police superintendent who is announcing his intention to violate the law the next time there is bad weather.

Citizens of New Orleans, you're hereby on notice.


So how long will we continue to delude ourselves with this "religion of peace" business?
These are just the last few items I could find, and I didn't have to try hard. We've been fighting these people since at least the 1970s (that's as far back as I can recall from personal experience) and I'd wager it's been longer than that.

It's depressing. We're fighting two real wars, one against terrorists and another against illegal immigrants, and we're acting like we want to lose them both. Unless we really do to lose, we had better figure out that these are the culture wars that count, and all sides of the American polity had better figure out how to win them.

Maybe it's time for a third American Revolution. After all, Thomas Jefferson himself noted that "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing", and I despair that our current governing class is going to get anything truly useful accomplished.