Friday, June 02, 2006

It hasn't worked before, but we're smarter this time

World Powers Reach Agreement Over Iran Nuclear Program

Leaving aside quibbles over wording (it should say "Iranian", morons), the short version of this story is that 6 of the world's "major powers" have decided to try and bribe Iran to halt it's nuclear program.

Seeing as how this same strategy has worked so well with North Korea, I expect great things from this.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

The sorta slowdown may get slower

It would seem that Mrs. Freeholder's desires are going to be met--we're packing up and moving out to new digs. And soon--we have to close on June 28. So posting may get really sparse as we pack, throw away, deal with bankers, movers, painters and heaven knows who else.

The thing that makes me mad is that I have some neat stuff, most of which is about guns, that I want to post. I'll just have to try it a bit at a time. Stay tuned.

The number is 60, and 60 is the number

Of this week's Carnival of Cordite. It's chocked full of Gullyborg's usual gunny goodies. Be sure to read this particular story, which should leave you a bit teary.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A crackdown on whistleblowers

Over the years, a number of special laws have been enacted to protect whistleblowers--people who expose wrongdoing where they work. This was done as a public policy, with the goal of encouraging people to come forward when they were aware of illegal actions, such as insider trading or billing the government for services never rendered. (If you want to read more on the subject, you can start here.)

Apparently , the government doesn't like it when the tables are turned, and it's government employees blowing the whistle on government wrongdoing. By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court has limited these protections for federal employees.

This follows a long and storied tradition of government exempting its functionaries from obeying the laws that you and I must obey. (For example, BATFE claims that it's employees are exempt from the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act.)

Now, where are we going and exactly why are we in this handbasket?