Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monday is a red-letter day in New Orleans

The Second Amendment Foundation reports that Monday is the big day--the day the citizens of New Orleans who had their guns illegally confiscated by police can get them back. Of course, there is a slight catch:

Residents whose guns were taken should call the New Orleans Police at (504) 658-5503 or go in person to the Police Property and Evidence facility, at 400 North Jefferson Davis Parkway. Gun owners will have to provide proof of ownership, which could include a bill of sale, a description of the firearm including brand and model and the serial number or a notarized affidavit that describes the firearm. Citizens claiming their firearms will need proper identification, such as a driverÂ’s license. Before firearms are returned, New Orleans police will conduct a background check.

OK, I understand being able to prove you owned the gun. The background check I find way past distasteful. The conspiracy theorist in me sees it as a way to get any of those guns that had legally "fallen out of the system" tucked safely back in.

At least they get their guns back. Maybe when the next hurricane hits the cops will be better behaved. Or the citizens less likely to give up their guns--it'll be interesting to see which.

Friday, April 14, 2006

A rant on illegal immigration

(Pointer from TB2K)

The boy is on a tear, isn't he?

Shooting fish in a barrel

Metaphorically speaking, of course...

Online Athens has some more information about this week's ninja roundup. (You'll need BugMeNot.)

Now, Jeremiah Ransom and his parents are considering filing a complaint against the agents or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

I wish Mr. Ransom and his parents good luck, but I think they're on a fool's errand. The ATF is answerable to no one, not even the government it's a part of (see the transcripts of the recent ATF hearings if you don't believe me). I suspect you should content yourselves that your son was not gunned down because of these officers' "suspicion".

On the other hand, at least the UGA students still have a sense of humor, as this letter attributed to one student shows:

Said ninja escaped from a known ninja vs. pirate party; however, only one ninja was captured? Either the other ninjas eluded police using their real ultimate power, or the ATF made no effort to stop a larger ninja cell, choosing to capture only a token ninja.

Ninjas may seem more threatening, but if allowed, pirates will pillage the University and make off with our booty. Pirates are not as elusive as ninjas, so I am dismayed that not a one was captured.

Ladies of UGA, you've been warned--pirates are on the loose and after your booty!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Protecting you from alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives...and ninjas

The ever-vigilant folks at the ATF, not content with their normal mission, have apparently extended it to help control the scourge of the ninja.

Thanks to one of those pesky cell-phone cameras, we have a visual record of the event for posterity. I assume the guy on the ground, in what appears to be a black warmup suit, is the "ninja", and the guy in the black jacket with his knee on ninja-boy's neck is one of our intrepid ATF agents. The fat guy in the red, well, I think he's on the phone back to the local field office trying to find out if there have been any ninja-connected terrorist alerts.

Sometimes I think I could write an entire blog about the antics of the ATF. I won't though, because I'm afraid it would get boring. Same old thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shooting yourself in the foot--twice

(Via No Quarters)

Well, we now have a name to put with the "I'm the only person in the room professional enough to have a gun" guy's video. His name is Lee Paige, and this low-wattage light bulb is suing the DEA, apparently because he's being ridiculed far and wide for being a dumbass.

You can't make this stuff up.

Need a source of info for your latest identity theft scheme?

The State of Florida wants to help you.

Yes, funded by that infinite supply of taxpayer dollars that all governments seem to believe they're entitled to, the State of Florida requires all public records to be on the Internet, available to the public.

All records--court papers, property records, everything. Completely--including birth dates, Social (In)Security Numbers, ages of minors (Hey, we've got to reach out to pedophiles too!) and any other piece of information that the unscrupulous need to perpetrate identity theft on a grand scale.

Add Florida to the list of states I would never move to.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Catching up on the Carnival of Cordite

I've been a slack on linking to the Carnival of Cordite, so I get to point you to the special April Fool's edition (#53) and #54.

Be sure to check out the helicopter-mounted automatic shotgun, small bore death, the peaceful undocumented intruder brutally gunned down, and all the rest of the tongue-in-cheek April Foolishness in #53. Then you can go to #54 and check out the new canister shot round for the M1 Abrams 120 mm main gun (now the largest shotgun on the planet), media anti-gun bias and all the other gunny goodness.

Reason #243 to encrypt your voice and Internet messages

Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room


Let's just cut to the chase--these revelations are becoming increasing depressing...

According to former employee Mark Klein, AT&T built special facilities in their San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego and other unmentioned switching centers for the express purpose of allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to data mine the traffic passing through those switches.

Without a warrant.

In contravention to the law, ethics and morality.

Your government at work.