Thursday, December 14, 2006

Picture? I don't see any picture.

OK, not all cops are bad. Stipulated.

However, enough are that we always need bear in mind that it happens. In that spirit, Claire Wolfe has a very interesting picture in this post, with a link to a Radley Balko post on his blog, The Agitator. Be sure to read the whole post; it's quite interesting.

Now here's the interesting part. Claire actually posts the picture. Radley doesn't, I'd guess copyright reasons. He does link to it, however, the link is broken--"Image not available." Hm-m-m. I go to the web site for the 61st College Photographer of the Year, and guess what? No photo. It's been removed "at request of photographer".

The photo was taken of a small incident during a Durham drug raid. Justin Cook, the photog, is from Chapel Hill.

Now check this map to see if you get the picture.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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