Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And the good news just keeps on rolling in

It seems that the Dark-and-Creepy Wing of the Republican Party is working overtime:

Wisconsin Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is proposing that ISPs be required to record information about Americans' online activities so that police can more easily "conduct criminal investigations."

This is supposedly "for the children" to save them from the child pornographers. Child porn exists, but we seem to be combating it pretty effectively with the laws on the books. Do we really need more?

This proposal comes shortly after calls from Alberto "Gun Control" Gonzales has warned that there are predators online and called for yet more laws to make something that is already against the law even more against the law. (God, I feel like the AFLAC duck in the commercial with Yogi Berra.)

It also comes after the EU, whom our government seems to be more and more interested in taking their cues from, has approved a similar feature for European law.

Given the requirements of the Patriot Acts, the NSA's call record escapades and all the other smaller insults to our freedom, it seems like our benevolent Federal government has decided that having all the parts in place for data mining (known to us untrusting souls as "fishing expeditions") is a Good Thing. For them, anyway.

Am I the only Republican who is becoming utterly disillusioned with the party as it moves further and further away from true Conservatism and toward some sort of bizzaro police state? How many of us will decide to do something useful on Elections Day, like going to the range, shopping for storage supplies or scouting out new bugout locations, rather than participating in the election of more politicians who will sell out our freedom at their first chance?

Will the Republicans get the message if they loose out to the Democrats (who are equally as likely to attack our freedoms, I'd like to note)? Or will they spend another 50 years wondering around in the wilderness, praying for an explanation for why they are coming to be known about the blogosphere as "the Stupid Party"?

Some folks, such as Kim du Toit, are saying that we have to vote for the Republicans because the Democrats are even worse. With all due respects, I have to call BS on that idea. Voting for the lesser of two evils means you're still voting for evil. What difference does it make why the police come for you--guns or opinions or web sites surfed? The fact is that you're under arrest and in a cell.

Something has got to give, and it most assuredly will. The question is will it be our freedom or our nation?

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