The ATF returning guns?

Yes indeedy-do.

Those who have read this blog any time at all knows that I'll beat up on ATF at the drop of a hat (or anything else). However, this time I'm not beating up on them, I'm offering a pat on the back instead.

You see, ATF found itself in possession of 530 or so guns after Hurricane Katrina passed through. These were not confiscated by ATF, but by other law enforcement agencies and the National Guard (who ought to be damned ashamed of themselves). ATF has returned 400 guns and identified the owners of 15 more.

So I think we should thank them for that effort.

But here's an interesting question to ponder: If guns aren't registered in this country, how did the ATF figure out who owned the gun in the first place? Could it be someone's slip is showing?


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