Thursday, January 19, 2006

Googling for Big Brother

Everyone knows Google--the most popular search engine on the Internet. The Federal government most definitely knows them--they're subpoenaing Google for an unspecified week's worth of search queries, plus 1,000,000 randomly selected web addresses.

Now it's perfectly OK for us to get angry--in fact, I encourage it. However, in the hackish tradition, I suggest that you put that anger to good use. Since we don't know what week the Feds are asking for, we can assume it could be any week--a year ago, a month a go or next week. My suggestion is that, when you have a few minutes, you should Google some useful phrases, and hope they make their way to the appropriate Federal officials.

You can also write your Congresscreatures, but I think Googling is a much better stress reliever.

Oh, and if you think you can avoid this by using other search engines, the same FOXNews article notes that #2 Yahoo has already
with a similar subpoena. Of course, given Yahoo's track record with cooperating with governments, especially totalitarian ones, you shouldn't be surprised.

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