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Pity the Poor DA...

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Say What?

This is not your normal cheery Christmas fare

Merry Christmas

A quickie

Storing batteries

I'm flattered, I think

An afternoon at the range

Let me guess--this clown is going to run for President, right?

Lest we forget

Picture? I don't see any picture.

Speaking of political correctness

A modest proposal


For your consideration

Virtual Firefly

From the "Clueless on the Hill Department"

HP settles with California

Cool tech toy

Time passes

For your consideration...

Unintended Consequences

Got a cellphone? You may have a bug as well.


Making a better nail

Lies, Damn Lies and campaign promises

Fighting the flu

Express your gratitude

I get the feeling...

Now here's something to consider


And now for the payback

And now we know who our intrepid auto recycler is!

Auto recycling

Happy Thanksgiving, all many?

Feeling neither warm nor fuzzy

Damage Control! Damage Control! Answer up, Damage Control!

Does a leopard change its spots?

You have to wonder

Well, let's see...

Today is Veteran's Day

Goodbye, Ricky kitty

Roll over and play dead

Hm-m-m, it may happen faster than I thought

My take on the elections

This will be an important book

Carnival of Cordite, #79

A Democrat voting Republican

The smartest thing I've read recently

Reminder--check your fire extinguishers

Yes Virgina, there is no consensus on global warming

Rmember who the enemy is

Death by hanging

Unclear on the concept


Don't forget

Biting the hand that feeds you

Nothing much to say

A rifle for Shifty

I'm back!

Outta here

Somebody finally gets the joke

It's not our fault! Those mean old men did it to us!

How to win

The olbilgatory range report

Big Bada Boom!

An observation

Pruning the HP rot

Know your enemy

Tech Support from a tree stand

Slimeball politicians