Friday, November 04, 2005

Another one bites the dust

Headline: Slain Clarion University student armed, looking for drugs

"We're still mourning the loss of Kristopher Mills," said Mark Brentley Sr. "He was my son's roommate for two years. He was just like one of us."

Well, I'm not mourning him, and I question anyone who claims him as "one of us".

Criminal justice

Whether you like, hate or don't care about Rush Limbaugh, if you look at the investigation of his alleged "doctor shopping" for pain medication, you can't help but think "prosecutorial misconduct".

As I've said before, they don't call it the "criminal justice system" for nothing....

A warning shot

Europe is so far gone down the road to Collectivism City that they probably won't see it like this, but I have to believe that the continuing series of riots outside Paris, now spreading to other areas of France, are their "shot across the bow".

The cultures of the great countries of Europe are in danger of extinction. They being buried under wave after wave of unassimilated immigrants, most of them from the always peaceful Moslem countries. Of course, countries like France seem incapable of facing that fact, decrying how these wonderful people have been marginalized in French society and are just trying to get ahead by rioting, burning their neighborhoods and shooting at police. (Oh wait, guns are highly controlled in France, so they couldn't possible be shooting at the police with guns. Sorry, couldn't resist that.)

It gets even better when the Prime Minister warns "Stop that, and I mean it this time!" for the seventh night in a row.

I wonder how upset the PM will get when the Louvre is burned?

Ready for a "Who gives a damn?" moment?

(Via Drudge)

Kenneth Tomlinson, board chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has apparently had enough of fighting the good fight and has resigned.

Mr. Tomlinson has been working for some time to reform the CPB and through that, "public" television in this country. (Since CPB is the single biggest source of funding for "public" TV, this could have worked.) For those who don't understand why, it's due to the left/liberal/progressive/whatever-they-want-to-be-called-this-month bias that many have noticed in their programming.

Of course, his enemies are using the time-honored method of accusing him of their crimes, while at the same time commending him for "his legitimate efforts to achieve balance and objectivity in public broadcasting."

What a load of bushwa.

The only thing that irritates me more than Tomlinson's departure is the question of why the Federal gov'ment is funding CPB in the first place. Why not do something more useful and less culturally destructive with the money, like burning it in piles in front of the Capital Building?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yet another victory for freedom

There are times I can almost get my hopes up--times that I think we may turn the tide before Something Horrible Happens.

Today is one of those times.

The Free Market News Network is reporting that the ATF has finally been forced to admit that they have no written standards for testing firearms. None. Not any. Zero. Bupkiss.

You can read the actual Congressional Research Service memo here, courtesy of JPFO.

The money quote?

ATF officials, meanwhile, have informed the Congressional Research Service that there is no "firearms testing procedures manual".

So we're allowing ATF agents to testify in court that, for example, a given gun is an illegal machine gun, even when they have no standard testing procedures for determining if it is or is not a machine gun versus a malfunctioning semi-automatic? We're allowing testimony regarding facts that is not based on a repeatable methodology? Say it ain't so, Ethyl!

This means that there are a lot of cases out there, cases where gun owners were convicted of various and sundry firearms violations, that can be reopened--and rightfully so. Hopefully, those wrongfully convicted will go free. Even better will be if those ATF agents who perpetrated these crimes find themselves on the wrong side of the bars.

I shall fire several magazines this weekend in celebration.

This is some important news--be sure to pass it around amongst your gunny friends.

Homeland Security Silliness

Attention Bingo fanatics: did you know that you may be funding international terrorism? No? Well rest easy, because the Directorate of Homeland Security is on the case!

The state of Kentucky has been awarded $36,300 to fund laptop computers for 5 investigators just so any terrorists with the idea of funding their evil operations from Bingo games can be stopped.

A state spokesdroid said that if this program is successful, an additional grant will be pursued in order to keep tabs on elementary school fundraisers.

Monday, October 31, 2005


I'm not a big TV watcher. I will make an attempt to catch the local news, and I will also admit to watching the History Channel and A&E on occasion. Other than that, if it isn't on AMC or Turner Classic Movies, I'll likely miss it.

This has it's good points. If you aren't watching TV, you have time for all sorts of interesting things, like going to the range, reading, writing, blogging, going to gun shows, coaching the Son's baseball team and Friday night high school football--you know, a life.

Occasionally, it has its downside. Once in a while--a great while-- there is actually something on one of the networks worth watching. Firefly was one of those things. As one wag said, "It's the best show I never saw."

I picked up a copy on DVD on my recent trip to the House of the Mouse, and I'm just astounded. I'm a SF fan, and this show is the best SF TV I've ever seen, and that includes any of the Star Treks and the new Battlestar Galactica. If you haven't seen it, buy, beg or borrow a copy. Remind friends that it would make an excellent Christmas present. Do what it takes, but if you are an SF fan, you must see this.

Trust me on this one.

I hope you're enjoying Alito's nomination as much as I am

I took the day off to accomplish a few things around The Freehold, so I've been able to pretty much keep up with the evolution of President Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court from this morning's announcement to this evening's too predictable media silliness.

I'm going to make a few observations. First, even though a bunch of people around the blogosphere and elsewhere have been diligently researching his legal record, I think it's still a bit early to rejoice in any direction.

Second, it does seem to appear that the President has suddenly remembered just exactly who the dickens voted for him in the last election. About freakin' time, too.

Third, the denizens of Liberal Land are already frothing at the mouth that Judge Alito is "out of the mainstream", a "right wing ideologue" and is probably single-handedly responsible for global warming as well.

Expect this to be an entertaining few weeks.

Carnival of Cordite #36

Holy Aperture Sight, Batman, there are three dozen Carnival of Cordite entries! Congrats to Gullyborg on another successful entry, this time with a Halloween theme.

You know, I have got to do something interesting and gun-related soon, so I can get back into the swing of things. Perhaps some ballistics testing on leftover pumpkins....

Camp Freehold is no more

Well, at least Camp Freehold is no more for this year. The RV has been pulled back from its spring/summer/fall home at the campground and is currently in a maintenance bay, receiving a thorough PM from our crack team of maintenance techs (also known as me, myself and I).

This weekend was the big Halloween celebration, which is only rivaled by Christmas in the Freeholder pantheon of holidays. It's an excuse to don silly attire, wonder about the campground in the company of children and pass out obscene amounts of sugary treats.

Now that camping season is over (well, maybe one or two more weekend trips, just to stay in practice), it's time for Daughter's high school football team to make their annual trek through the playoffs. Can anyone say "road trip"?