Friday, August 19, 2005

Heading out again

The Family Freeholder is off to our weekend retreat. Weather cooperating, I'll regale you with our first attempt at skeet shooting next week.

Does anyone know the bag limit on skeets?

More on the ATF's actions in Richmond

Yesterday, I noted an incident of harassment, by ATF agents and local LEOs, at the Showmasters gun show in Richmond, VA. A post on The High Road pointed me to this thread on American Minutemen. If we take it at face value, it's the first hand account of one of the harrassees. (I say it that way, because this is the Internet, after all.)

Some of the boys on American Minutemen are pretty fired up about this, and the harassee is being interviewed by Gun Week and the Cybercast News Service. We all need to get behind this story and make sure it "gets legs". This may be a golden opportunity to begin the process of reigning in some of our favorite government "servants".

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Can we buy hunting licenses?

(Via Claire Wolfe)

Elephants, lions to roam North America again? Plan to reintroduce large mammals, ecological history parks

Now Claire is concerned that the eco-ninnies are hiking way out into left field again, which is a perfectly valid concern. Well, not a concern, more like an observation, I think.

But for myself, it looks like a business opportunity. Once they get these critters well established, this will be the perfect opportunity for busy businessmen and not rich hunters to get that once-in-a-lifetime big game safari at a fraction of the usual price, with the added benefit of being able to drink the water!

I want to mount the elephant tusks in the Man Room on that wall...there!

A kinder, friendlier ATF

(Via Kim du Toit)

Of course, kinder and friendlier than what is a topic open for discussion.

As reported by the Virginia Citizen's Defense League, it seems that at the Showmasters gun show in Richmond last weekend, ATF agents, aided by local law enforcement, took a giant leap from their good senses:

I had reports from members of police going to their houses while the member was waiting for their approval to purchase a gun at the show! The police asked the spouse and other family members questions about the purchases and filled in a survey! "Did you know your husband was going to a gun show today?" "Did you know your husband was going to buy a gun today?" and many other such questions. If no one was home at the gun purchaser's house, the police went to the neighbors! "Did you know that your neighbor was buying a gun today? How do you feel about him doing so?"

Did you spot the red flag? How, exactly, did the local LEOs know that Joe Blow of 1234 So-and-so Lane was trying to buy a gun? VCDL doesn't address this, and I damn well want to know. Was ATF feeding them information? Were they accessing the NICS system? If they were, isn't that illegal? If they were and it is, will anyone face charges? (OK, you can stop laughing now, and you, the one with the milk, go wipe your nose.)

As if this isn't bad enough, the ATF agents trotted out one of their old standbys, accusing attendees attempting to sell a gun of being illegal firearms dealers.

Our government wonders why we don't trust it. Ps-s-s-t! Hey guys--this is why!

A pair of standup folks decided that this wasn't behavior that they were going to take lying down. Steve Elliott (head of C&E Gun Shows and affiliated with Showmasters) and Annette Gelles, head of Showmasters, made a journey to Washington, DC to face the lion in its den. They were told by ATF personnel that this should not have happened. Well, duh!

That said, I wonder if anyone from ATF be punished for this? We we see a press release that Agent Whats-his face has been fired for his actions at the Richmond Showmasters gun show?

Will the Devil show up at my local hardware looking for ice skates?

VCDL says they'll be watching for more of this kind of behavior, as should we all. I suggest you check the lists of shows at both C&E and Showmasters web sites, and plan on attending one near you, just to keep an eye on things.

You have to wonder how long it will be before reality imitates fiction, and what will be the consequences in the real world?

Something bugging you?

(Via Drudge)

If you live in central Florida, it might just be your pest control company:

Technicians from Truly Nolen Pest Control of America are being trained by local law enforcement to spot anything unusual as they visit customer's homes.

Now of course, they say they're just looking as they drive, and if they see someone breaking into a house, they're going to call the police. (You need training for that?) But I suspect it's one quick step down that slippery slope before a customer gets ratted out for suspicion of building pipe bombs by one of these trained observers. Of course, when our pipebomber turns out to be a plumber with a bad case of ants who's just had his life turned upside down (and his home turned inside out) by the local SWAT team, no one will be liable for this little mistake.

Central Floridians, Truly Nolen truly doesn't deserve your business.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The starting point for stopping illegal immigration

(Via WorldNet Daily)

If anyone is looking for a place to begin a "War on Illegal Immigration", it's going to be difficult to find a better place than the Tres Bellotas Ranch, on the Arizona-Mexico border. I'm not going to try to lift some pithy quotes, because it's just too difficult. It's worth your time to read the entire article. It's long, but go read the whole thing.

After you read it, bear in mind that your government doesn't care. The elected politicians don't care, the bureaucrats don't care and no political party cares--hell, the Libertarians think it's a good thing!

No matter where you live, there are employers in your neighborhood who are promoting illegal immigration by hiring illegal immigrants. Your taxes go, in some part, to provide services to illegals. You now have to press "1 for English, 2 for Spanish" thanks to illegal immigration.

Are you tired of it yet?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Carnival of Cordite #26

The Carnival is in full swing at Resistance is futile!. Don't miss the celebration.

Honoring the aggressors

(Via WorldNet Daily)

I guess I'm just hopelessly old-fashioned, but I'm increasing disturbed by the trend, particularly evident overseas, to honor the aggressors in various wars, from WWII to the War on Terror. Case in point: a statue commemorating kamikaze pilots has been erected next door to the old Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

I understand that Japan is now the Philippines largest trading partner, and that money talks. I also understand that the Japan of 2005 is not the Japan of 1945.

I also understand that you can't change history just because it's uncomfortable or inconvenient. You can paper over it, lie about it or ignore it, but you can't change it--no matter how hard you try.

What's next? A statue glorifying the SS at Dachau? Perhaps a museum dedicated to the good things Pol Pot did for Cambodia? Maybe the Idi Amin Museum and Restaurant would leave a good taste in people's mouths.

However, I know neither my rantings or sarcasm will change things. The next despot that comes along will have new generations of sheep who will go meekly to whatever fate he deems suitable for them.


Mr. Rumsfeld, we've found 30,000 fresh troops...

The Bush administration yesterday scrambled to repair a rift with South Korea that opened when Seoul proclaimed that North Korea has a right to develop nuclear energy.

They may be an ally, but with allies like this, who needs enemies? Is the government in Seoul so foolish that they believe that North Korea won't beat those peaceful nuclear plowshares into weapons at the first opportunity? Do they believe that their northern neighbor has so changed their ways that history won't ever repeat itself?

No wonder we're redeploying our troops off the border between the two Koreas--there's no sense in protecting a country bent on self destruction. Perhaps now it's time to redeploy them further off the border, and bring them home entirely.


Old Friend's Older Brother had the task of helping with an estate sale yesterday, and he was looking out for me. 1000 round of .30 carbine (mixed manufacturers) for $75 and 6 15 round and 1 30 round GI magazines, some new in the original wrappings, for $30. I'll pick them up and pay him this week.

Friends such as these are a blessing.

With a bit of luck, I'll have the old guy ready for a trip to the range in a week or two, and we'll see how this 60 year old war horse can shoot.

"Hot enough for ya?"

Anyone who was born in the South or who has lived there any length of time will recognize the standard Southern gallows humor greeting of summer. It's been our way of laughing at the inevitable for as long as I can remember.

Summer in the South is hot and humid. The sun shines (many would say "beats down relentlessly"), tropical airmasses bring in humidity in quantities that defy description and worst of all, the wind simply stops. The only word that begins to describe the conditions is "miserable". You're hot and sweaty just standing still. If you actually have to work outside, your clothes get damp, then wet as the sweat runs down your body. Your eyes sting as it runs into them, and you just get used to it dripping off the tip of your nose each time you have to bend over.

Yesterday and today are cases in point. We omitted the nearly obligatory visit to Camp Freehold this weekend in favor of other activities, such as getting some overdue yardwork accomplished. Mother Nature was kind enough to keep the clouds thick until nearly lunch, so the morning temps were only in the upper 80s, with about the same humidity level. With all Freeholders at work, we were able to get the worst parts done before the sun burned through the overcast and it got really hot. At 7 PM, when Mrs. Freeholder prevailed upon me to stand over a hot charcoal grill and create shishkabobs, it was only 90.

Today is another story entirely. The sun came up in a relatively cloudless sky (well, the weatherdroids call it "high haze", but that thin layer of clouds doesn't even begin to keep the sunshine from the surface), and by 9:30 AM the temperature was 92o. The humidity is still high, but no worse than yesterday.

I think today will be hot enough for me.