Thursday, August 11, 2005

When is sauce for the goose not sauce for the gander?

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There have been a series of court decisions that hold that us proles we citizens have no expectation of privacy when it comes to our trash. Once you put it out at the curb, it magically becomes public property, sayeth courts across the nation. Evidence gathered by residential dumpster diving has been used to convict more than one criminal.

Ah, but let our public servants fall victim to this practice, and my oh my, the practice becomes "very cheap" and we're going to be investigating our "legal options". Follow the adventures of some intrepid reporters from Willamette Week as they comb through the trash of Portland, OR, Mayor, Chief of Police and District Attorney. They may be a bunch of Liberal twits, but this time they actually get the joke.

An addition to the blogroll

Normally, I don't make a big deal about additions to (or deletions from) the blogroll. In this case, however, I want to call attention to this addition.

James Wesley, Rawles (yes, that is the proper spelling) is the proprietor of SurvivalBlog. OK, so there's Yet Another Guy blogging on survivalism and disaster preparedness. Big Hairy Deal, right?

Uh, right. James Wesley, Rawles is the author of a little tome titled Patriots, which started out life as a shareware novel, "The Grey Nineties". If you were hanging out on misc.survivalism pre-Y2K, you'll remember this. If you don't, try Google Groups.

"The Grey Nineties" had more than a bit to do with getting me to take my responsibilities to truly provide for my family, as opposed to going out and earning a living. For that, I own a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rawles.

Hie thyself hence, and become more educated.

RFID News, part 2

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do/give up in a quest for "perfect" security. The Brits want to put active RFID chips in auto license plates? Ye Flippin' Gods! I guess the complaints about the speeding cameras finally got to them, so now they want a technology that can be easily hidden.

Of course, the American Control Freak Association likes them too:

"We definitely have an interest in testing an RFID-tagged license plate," said Jerry Dike, chairman of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and director of the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division of the Texas Department of Transportation.

Ye Flippin' Gods indeed.

RFID News, part 1

Claire Wolfe brings us news of a demo project that premiered at the recent DEFCON where a homebrewed antenna system was able to read the data from a passive RFID chip. No big news here, except the intrepid experimenter was able to do it from 69 feet away, over 10 times the distance that the RFID promoters quote as the range for the device.

Looking at the pictures from the link above, you'll see that the rig is rather large. Technology being what it is, how long do you think it will be before if gets a lot smaller?

I wonder if Tommy Thompson is still so comfy with his decision to get a chip implant?

Monday, August 08, 2005

FlakeFest '05

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WARNING: You will be entering a logic-free, thought-free and common sense-free zone if you click here. Please remove all breakables from your immediate vicinity.

I owe you a CCW post

Looking through the comments, I realized I owe you a post about my concealed carry class.

As luck would have it, any time I plan something this far in advance (in this case, a bit over a month), things never go smoothly. In this case, it was my Mom being admitted to the hospital. Urk!

Now before anyone gets wrenched out of shape, I didn't bail and leave my Dad holding the bag--very few things could be that important, and no class makes that list. I beat the EMTs to their house, and with the exception of picking my daughter up at band camp, I was at the hospital until she was ensconced in a room, asleep and we had been told that she was in no real danger. After that, the young lady that provides most of her care was in much better position to deal with the medicos than either my Dad or myself. She speaks the language.

However, once we had her settled, my Dad was pretty much worn out and wanted to go home and rest. The Caregiver pretty much had things wired, so my Dad told me to make the class if I could.

At that point, I hustled back to the Freehold, packed a quick range bag, and beat feet for Mt. Airy, NC, where the class was held. With a quick drive through at KFC, I walked in the door at exactly the starting time.

Expectations were originally set by the 1 1/2 hour long video that we had to watch, filmed at the Marquis De Sade Film Studios. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to take a subject this important and drone you out of your wits talking about it. The narrator succeeded in doing so. Along with their ditzy scenarios for applying the somewhat...unusual...NC laws on CCW and the use of deadly force.

The class portion turned out to be great. After that video, I was expecting a dry, humorless sort of thing, and it wasn't that at all. Our instructor was quite personable, and has a rather large knowledge of all things that go "bang". The presentation portion was interesting, and the breaks were a hoot.

The best thing, as far as I was concerned, is that he was able to distill all of the relevant information into a 2 page (front and back) handout that your mom could understand. Given the seriousness of the topic, I think that's an important take away.

We then did the written test, which I aced (insert requisite boor bellowing "you da man" here), and then it was time for the shooting portion. Our instructor was gracious enough stay late to let the 3 of us who had driven so far finish in one (long) evening. As per usual being a long gun kinda guy I wasn't impressed with my accuracy but our instructor said I did just fine and signed off on my certificate.

I've contacted my local sheriff, gathered all the additional paperwork I need, and I'll be venturing there sometime next week to file my application. Then we get to have the nice long wait for the process to carry thorough.

Even though this has been relatively painless so far, I still think it's a load of crap. I still can't find anything in the Constitution that mentions "reasonable restrictions". G-r-r-r.

(Edited to fix some horrific grammatical errors. Why didn't you guys says something?)


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