Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Early inheritance

(Via The High Road)

Give Your Child an Early Inheritance by Al Doyle

Don't wait until you're in the grave to give the kids something of real value. I'm not talking about imitating the biblical father who handed over a large sum to his prodigal son. In some cases, this early inheritance can cost less than $100 per child.

How can a parent do this? Buy a child a gun – and take the time to teach how to use it responsibly and safely. When the child turns 18 (rifles and shotguns) or 21 (handguns), it becomes their personal property. There are several reasons for parents to take a proactive role in training kids in this vital skill.

Excellent advice, especially in these increasingly troubled times. Go read the whole thing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Book your room now

Taking only slightly longer than the town of Freeport, Texas took in making their landgrab, developer Logan Clements has decided that Supreme Court Justice David Souter's place of residence would make an excellent location for a hotel.

Now from this map, we can see that the location is near recreational opportunities, including a nice state park, and is easily accessible for the influx of new tourists that Mr. Clements has assured the Weare Board of Selectmen will surely show up shortly after opening.

Make your vacation plans now to stay at the Lost Liberty Hotel and dine at the Just Desserts Cafe. With a little luck, you'll be able to see the fall foliage, which I hear is just beautiful.

A message to the troops

(Via The President of the United States)

Remember, America Supports You.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Carnival of Cordite #19 is up

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is hosting The Carnival of Cordite #19. Nice job, guys.

Updates to the Blogroll

I've been terribly lazy on updating the blogroll, but 2 items have forced me to it.

First was Capt. Chuck's wounding in Iraq (dammit). You can get the latest news at that link--his wife is updating the blog for now. I'd been reading his blog for a while, and saw on Kim du Toit's blog the word about his wounding, but didn't make the connection until his wife started posting.

The second is Connie du Toit's return to blogging. She's always worth reading.

We have a new record

(Via Bloodletting)

We have a new record for the shortest time between a US Supreme Court decision and a local government taking advantage of it.

The Great SCOTUS Landgrab has come to Freeport, Texas, where the city is attempting to seize three properties based on Kelo v. New London.

Let the festivities begin!

Current danger sites to own property:
  1. Waterfront
Would anyone care to place a bet on the next category to make the list? I'm betting on anything in or near a national forest or park.

A be-you-ti-ful sentiment

Doc Russia is a bit perturbed at the recent Supreme Court's decision in Kelo:

...I think it is time to start shopping for a battle rifle. Not a "hunting rifle" not a "varmint gun", not a "carbine", not an "assault rifle", but a no bullshit battle rifle. Something that starts with ".3" and ends in grey matter aerosolized at distance while fragments of calvarium litter the air like confetti at a ticker tape parade.

Is the good doctor taking to the streets in revolutionary mode? Hardly.

Mark my words; this decision will ultimately bring bloodshed to our house. Either in itself, or through the precedent it sets, it will cause Americans to kill Americans. All it takes is a corrupt government official with a crooked land developer and a promised kickback rousting one guy who will have nothing left to lose to start the ball rolling. Then it will turn into a dogpile, and all bets are off.

I do believe that is how it started the last time, except the British were trying to grab guns rather than land.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Being prepared can mean a lot of things. You may have a year's worth of food set aside, gas and a generator, warm sleeping bags and guns and ammo. That's great, as far as it goes.

But what do you do if you pull the trigger on your gun and it doesn't go "Bang!"? Yeah, you do immediate action and remedial action, but still no "Bang!". Well first, you'd better hope you're not in a fight. Second, you'd better have some texts on basic gunsmithing for the guns you own along with some spare parts, because chances are your gun is broke.

Teddy Jacobson has some good advice on spares for a number of pistols. Worth a read.

Reason #7623 for refusing to fly

(Via The Travel Insider)

A Minneapolis intellectual property lawyer had a $300 key to his Audi confiscated by the TSA as a "switchblade-type". (NY Times link, BugMeNot works) Not switchblade-type knife, just a "switchblade type".

Nice to see that the TSA is training their operatives to a keen edge.