Saturday, June 04, 2005

Syria test fires Scuds

(Via Drudge)

Syria has test fired 3 Scud missiles, causing worries in Israel about a missile-borne chemical weapons attack.

Since the early days of the Iraq war, there have been persistent rumors that various weapons, including WMDs, were smuggled from Iraq to various neighboring countries, including Syria. (Cites 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

Sort of makes you wonder about those WMDs that the US, Great Britain, the UN and others were so sure existed but have never been found.

Resisting Real ID

Claire Wolfe has a new Hardyville column up on Backwoods Home Magazine's web site. The topic is resisting Real ID, coming soon to a driver's license agency near you. As with most things she writes, there's lots of good information in there.

Having your cake and eating it too

(Via Drudge)

It seems that the UN has found some "weapons equipment" missing in Iraq.

U.N. satellite imagery experts have determined that material that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons and banned long-range missiles has been removed from 109 sites in Iraq, U.N. weapons inspectors said in a report obtained Thursday.

Biological or chemical weapons--those are what we call weapons of mass destruction (WMD), right?

But we've been told that there were no WMDs found in Iraq and that Iraq couldn't make them--they didn't have the facilities.

No WMDs found in Iraq: check.
No infrastructure to make WMDs found in Iraq: check.
Missing plant and equipment for making WMDs in Iraq: WTF?

Someone tell these people you can't have it both ways.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Greed or what?

Gas price at the Texaco down at the corner, yesterday evening: $1.91
Gas price at the Texaco down at the corner, 2 PM today: $2.02
Gas price at the Texaco down at the corner, 8:30 PM tonight: $2.08

Gas price at the Murphy at Walmart, yesterday evening: $1.90
Gas price at the Murphy at Walmart, this evening: $2.08

Other stations in my town have made similar increases, while there are still at least 2 selling for $1.91-$1.92. I just filled up both vehicles plus the only gas can that needed it.

Now you can tell me that "Most of the stations just refilled today, and the price went up." Really? Did the Texaco at the corner get two refills today, when they usually only get only 2 or 3 a week? I'm calling BS on that one.

Even at $2.08, we're doing a lot better than most places, and I realize that. However, it sure looks like someone, somewhere is manipulating gas prices.

Allegations of this have been investigated by numerous groups numerous times with no evidence of price manipulation being found. But one of these days, someone will finally prove it. I want to be around when it happens.

Oh my aching back


"They" tell you that when you turn 40 that you just fall apart, that it's all downhill from 40. blah, blah, blah. In my case, they were wrong by 2 years.

About 42, I started having digestive problems, which cumulated in the removal of my gall bladder last August. Hurray! says I, expecting things to get back to normal. That is not how it's going.

Since a school bus accident at the age of 12, I've had some problems with my back. I've always been able to manage them through stretching and exercise. But since January, it's been hurting in a new place in a new way. Trips to the MD have netted some advice, but no real relief.

At the continued suggestion of coworkers, I'm trying a chiropractor. Now I'll be the first to tell you that I've always viewed chiropractic medicine with the same jaundiced eye that I would view astrology. So I'm going at this with something of a skeptical mindset.

That said, my first 2 experiences have not been what I expected--no New Age nonsense, no herbs, no rattles. (Well, I really didn't expect rattles.) And so far, he has been able to give me some relief. Not a huge amount, but enough that I can notice it. Of course, it could also be a placebo effect, but I can't say.

Stay tuned, and I'll try to give you some updates on the process. Hopefully, we'll all learn something out of this.

Evil Black Rifles

The Heartless Libertarian, in a bid to layer on a bit more proof of his heartless status, attempts to cause Diane Feinstein to have a stroke. The punch line is classic. Hie thee hence!

Carnival Time

The Countertop Chronicles is hosting the Carnival of Cordite (#15, but who's counting?) this week. Sorry I'm way late on the posting.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


OK, I missed when figuring how short this week would be. So we're going to do a short shrift for the long weekend and today.

The weekend was just great. It started out good and got better. Saturday was range day, wherein Daughter, Son, myself and Son of Old Friend went out and practiced our marksmanship. Daughter and Son were most impressive with a Ruger 10/22 .22 carbine and the steel groundhog target at 100 yards. Yes, they were shooting a groundhog target at 100 yards, with iron sights, and hitting it--Daughter about 70% and Son about 50%. I tried, but the target was smaller than the blasted front sight--you had to aim low then adjust up, trying to keep an invisible target centered behind the sight. Blasted young eyes.

We also had 2 major cookouts, one with ribeyes on the grill. Oh yes!

I also noted a large contingent of veterans in the area around me over the weekend. Marines seemed most prominent, followed by Army, Navy, Air Force and one lone Coast Guard member. I reminded Daughter and Son that those men were one of the reasons why we were having a 3 day weekend, and tried to explain the concept of Memorial Day. I don't know if I got the message across, but I tried.

Now, on to happenings.

One of my multitudinous readers (yeah right!) sent me a pointer to this article on Philippine journalists who are taking their self-defense into their own hands. This would never happen in the US, since most journalists are convinced that if they happened to touch a gun it would spontaneously turn on them and shoot them dead.

If you believe the Legacy Media, we now have the identity of the Watergate-era figure only known as Deep Throat. Having lived through the time, I can only say "So?" I can't seen how this tidbit really makes any difference in life or history.

In news of the politically correct, a US House task force is going to " the history of slave labor in the construction of the Capitol and suggest how it can best be commemorated." This is news? Does this surprise anyone? Perhaps it's living in the South, but most of our historic buildings were built, at least in part, with slave labor. It's just another fact of life. I have to wonder if those who push the agenda behind such things realize the divisiveness of this sort of thing. I think they do, and that divisiveness is their goal. We have to keep the victim industry going.

In world news, every media outlet is reporting France's rejection of the EU constitution. I'm impressed with the good sense of the majority of French voters. Let's hope the rest of Europe (and our own president) come to their senses and figure out that nationalism is not a dirty word.

And as a parting bit, here's a good news story, about the Vermont Country Store. Visit their web site or read a catalog, and step back in time.