Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Greetings from the Hickory, NC Gun & Knife Show!

March 19 saw yours truly venturing to the Hickory, NC Gun and Knife (and junk, as usual) show, meeting up with some old friends and new acquaintances.

I guess I shouldn't be too harsh, there was less in the junk category than usual. Only one vendor was totally non-gun. She was selling those little etched crystals that sit on a base and collect dust around the house. I think she believed that all us husbands would feel sorry for our wives, who were being good sports and coming to the gun show just to be with us--and buy them a pretty. The Freeholder learned about this one a long time ago--Momma stays home when I go to the gun show! (This is aside from the fact Momma wouldn't be caught dead at a gun show.)

There was a good variety of sellers for most items, but no one selling reloading supplies, which had been the stated reason for the trip. There was one fellow with a rather eclectic assortment of dies and a few bags of once-fired brass, and that was it.

Prices were widely variable. You would have someone with a good price on, say, a DPMS AR-15 in A3 configuration (not that I was looking all that closely, you understand). Next door, a gun similar in all respects was 50% more. One bunch was selling South African 7.62 NATO surplus ammo for $260/case. Right across the isle, someone else is selling it for $200/case. Guess who was selling more ammo?

It also seems that interest, at least in the selling of, side-by-side doubles is growing. I was several dealers with tables full of old doubles. I'm really jonesing for nice one, and it tried my selfcontrol, but I looked and passed on. Maybe one of these days....

I did finds some ammo bargains, outside of the above mentioned South African surplus. Winchester reduced recoil 00-buck for $2/box if you bought 10 or more boxes. Works for me. I also bought an Uncle Mikes Kydex holster and magazine holder for use at the range, and a few other odd and ends, including a copy of Boston's Gun Bible (the revised edition). I was also able to buy an inexpensive (you know, cheap) 3x9 scope for an inexpensive Winchester Model 70 I've had for a while. Not a great scope, but good enough for the intended purpose.

The lunch excursion to Hooters also served the cause of general merriment.

The funniest line of the day came from a friend. We were waiting just outside the door for someone, watching everyone come out with their purchases (or what they'd failed to sell). He remarked "You know, we could make a fortune. We print up t-shirts that say 'My husband went to the gun show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt'. We'd clean up."

Great--another "non-gun vendor at a gun show" is born. Thanks, bud!

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