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The plot thickens

Duely noted

Well, isn't this a surprise

Something wicked this way comes

Who said this?

We're all ears

Get ready, because here it comes

Vox on marriage

The Battle for the Bill of Rights

Dare we hope for a Christmas miracle?

The Holiday Christmas Concert


North Carolina puts its best foot forward again

Free Enterprise?


The final Carnival of Cordite is up

I am worthy!

Just in time for Christmas?

Concealed carry reciprocity or not?

Merry Christmas, troops


Eerily familiar?

Patriot Act closer to renewal?

Pity they won't sell them to us "general public" types

Touching history

Freakin' Blogger

Carnival of Cordite #40

Own your own business

Are French men not up to the task?

This land's not your land...

Chalk up #1000

Like the .45 ACP?

Because we can do more than stick a yellow ribbon on our cars

OK, so waste 3 minutes of your time

Shot in the foot?

Not to be outdone

A little local political color

Happy Thanksgiving

The Carnival of Cordite is on the air!

Not harsh enough by half

What Hero are you?

Sony--not done just yet

Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy

I am humbled in the presence of greatness

The feminine side of gun rights

And the light bulb is finally lit

Carnival of Cordite #38

Spec Ops?

National Ammo Day

Our financial house of cards

A weekend at the range

Survival information from an unlikely source

If this is success...

Perhaps it's time to start getting concerned

Score one (sorta) for the consumer

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

Bliss Ninnies on parade

Sony music, root kits and "What were they thinking?"

Life as an engineering problem

Fred's at it again

It's a curfew! Run, Achmed, run!

Now here's some Pay Per View I can get behind


Carnival of Cordite #37


Another one bites the dust

Criminal justice

A warning shot

Ready for a "Who gives a damn?" moment?

Yet another victory for freedom

Homeland Security Silliness


I hope you're enjoying Alito's nomination as much as I am

Carnival of Cordite #36

Camp Freehold is no more

A small victory for freedom

Celebrating a meaningless milestone

Data point

Hoo-ray for Carnival!

An encouraging development

Hittin' the road

Yes, there has been a distinct lack of blogage

It's time for Carnival

The end of an era

Tax reform?

You go for days with nothing much to blog

Is this a great country or what?