Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My last debate post

Well, this time I got to hear or watch nearly the entire debate. I'm also getting to post about it before I listen to a lot of thoughts from the media, so this time you're getting my thoughts, unaltered by outside influences. Lord help you...

I thought that this was the President's best debate, which I expect will surprise a lot of the media, who seemed to be looking for a Kerry slam dunk. Bush had his figures ready, and really seemed to push Senator Kerry onto the defensive and keep him there--how many times did he have to say something like "I'm not proposing a big government program"? Sure you're not--Yeah Right!

I'll ding both of them for being economic fools. Mr. President, you can't have tax cuts, fund a war and spend (or allow Congress to spend) like a drunken sailor and get away with it forever. Senator Kerry, you can't have a $1.2 trillion dollar healthcare system, raise the minimum wage, undo tax cuts, raise taxes on some and lower them on others and expect to have a healthy Federal budget and national economy. TANSTAAFL lives, boys. Learn it, live it, love it.

(I despair of the US ever getting its budget house in order. Cut taxes, cut spending, pay off the national debt, shrink the government. It seems simple, if difficult to do, to me. But who am I....)

I again was impressed with the "genuineness" of George Bush. I wasn't impressed with John Kerry--he just seems too polished to me. Being from a blue-collar background, that tends to set my alarms off. Perhaps it's not a good way to judge, but it's always worked for me. I've learned, through painful experience, to trust my gut.

I note one answer where Senator Kerry spoke of our freedoms granted by the Constitution. Senator, you need a lesson on where our rights come from. They come, not from a document, but from God. The Constitution, for all its majesty and importance, simply acknowledges them.

I also note in response to a question about the damnable Assault Weapons Ban, they both candidates are willing to fritter away our Second Amendment rights. Once more, with feeling--what part of "shall not be infringed" don't you idiots understand?

Lastly, I was impressed by the questions--each side got some hard questions and some softballs. Pretty well done.

I think there is a clear choice between the candidates. I think President Bush is better suited to lead this country for the next 4 years. Nothing I've seen or heard in these debates has swayed that opinion.


Don't trust a cop to uphold the law

Time for some local blogging with larger implications. The Alamance County, NC sheriff did a little investigation. He sent a list of 125 Hispanic voters to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and *gasp* only 38 are in the country legally.

Now call me a racist or whatever you want, but this is hardly news to those of us in North Carolina. We've seen the state's Hispanic population explode--394% growth in the 90s. We know that the US has a big problem with illegal aliens, especially of Hispanic illegals. It doesn't take a huge logical leap to figure out a lot of that 394% growth is made up of illegal aliens.

So, what does our intrepid sheriff do? Does he start arresting these people for voter fraud? Call in the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement people to round up and deport the illegal aliens?

Oh no--"he now intends to take the information to lawmakers". Why? So they can pass another law he won't enforce?

I've always had a distrust of elected law enforcement officials. Wonder why?

And more to the point, I wonder what the presidential candidates, both of whom have been shamelessly pandering to the Hispanic vote, have to say about illegal aliens during the debate tonight? I'd bet you a steak dinner it won't have anything to do with concrete measures to stop it.

Remember Ronald Reagan's words: "A nation without borders is not a nation."

I have a plan--Wictory Wednesday

Wictory Wednesday rolls on toward victory! Other Wictory Wednesday bloggers are

20 days to the election. In most states, voter registration is closed. It's time to get into serious "get out the vote" work. You can help. You can Walk the Vote. Get in touch with your local Republican Party Office--they'll be running phone banks, calling the registered Republicans in your area to remind them about the importance of their vote. Do you own campaign--talk to your friends, coworkers, acquaintances and family and remind them to vote.

I feel this election is the most important one in recent history. I don't feel that we've had this stark a choice since Reagan versus Carter. I don't want to go back to tax and spend, pessimism and big government. I don't want style over substance. I know you don't either. Let's all get in there and pull out the stops for our guy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Catching up

It's amazing how much can go on while I'm on vacation (or just busy preparing for it). Most of it's old news, but just in case, here's the short shrift version:

Astronaut Gordon Cooper, one of the original Mercury astronauts, dead at 77. He piloted his ship to a bit less than 1 1/2 miles from its recover ship after the on-board guidance system failed. No other ship--Mercury, Gemini or Apollo--ever got that close. The Houston Chronicle says he was "cocky". It ain't cocky if you can back it up, Bubba. Godspeed, Gordo.

Rodney Dangerfield, one of the funniest men I've ever seen, dead at 82. I really got into him from his old HBO specials. And Caddyshack. Can't forget that. "Now I know why tigers eat their young." Absolutely a classic.

On to politics. I caught a fair bit of the second Presidential debate. I thought President Bush did a much better job that in the first debate--he came out swinging. As in the first debate, this was really about style versus substance. Like I said, if you want empty style, vote for Kerry. If you want someone who believes in something, vote for Bush.

Along those lines, this link via Dean Esmay. Read carefully, and consider style and substance. Who has project names, numbers and results, and who has a plan?

Terrorism as a "nuisance"? OK, I knew John Kerry was a bit out of touch with reality, but this takes the prize. John, it isn't a nuisance to us. Maybe to you, but not to us.

The Afghan vote seems to have went well, all things considered. Yep, I guess we'll just chalk that up as another quagmire...

All for now.

Back from the beach

"..and a good time was had by all."

The weather was incredible--no rain, highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. The fishing was incredible--incredibly bad, that is. I caught one flounder; not a keeper. No one else caught anything. One of the residents blamed this summer's storms for washing up a lot of sand and causing the beach to be shallow for a long way out. I don't know if that's why no one fishing was catching anything, but the beach was definitely more shallow than in years past.

No matter--it was still a fun trip. Just too short...