Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wictory Wednesday? Again?

Wictory Wednesday marches on! Other Wictory Wednesday bloggers are

The Electoral Vote Predictor is showing Bush ahead 317 to 207. Most encouraging, but things will change again--be sure of it.

The closure of voter registration is coming soon. If you have friends or family who aren't registered, volunteer to take the to the local Board of Elections and get them registered. After that, volunteer to take them to the polls. And of course, during the process, feel free to tell them why the should be voting Republican.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Support the troops

Not much else to say. Just pick one and do it.

There will be order!

(Via The Register)

Pregnant woman arrested at Metro
(This is a .pdf file (*ack!*)--scroll down, it's on the left side of the first page and continued on page 4.)

This is worth some long quotes.

Sakinah Aaron, a 23-year-old mother-to-be, had just finished talking to her fianceƩ on her cell phone about that afternoon's doctor's appointment when next thing she knew, she was on the ground in handcuffs. Aaron, a petite woman who is noticeably five months pregnant, said she pleaded with the Metro Transit Police officer not to make her lay on her stomach for the sake of her baby. She says he did just that, with his knee placed firmly in her back.


Aaron was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, but she claims the charges were trumped up to cover for a police officer with a
bruised ego.

Aaron, who speaks with what she calls a normal New Jersey native loudness, said she was talking on her cell phone at about 4 p.m. with her fianceƩ as she walked to the Wheaton Metrorail station to board a bus.

"When I entered the Metro, my conversation had ended," Aaron said.

Once in the station, Aaron said she was approached by Metro Officer George Saoutis, who told her to keep her voice down. When she said he couldn't tell her what to do and mocked him for trying "to flex some muscle," she said he grabbed her hand and said he could arrest her.

"I was just on my cell phone talking loud," she said. "I just gave him a little lip, that's probably why he got defensive."

Not believing she was under arrest, Aaron said she tried to walk away as Saoutis held her arm. When she realized he was serious, Aaron said she
dropped to her knees and asked him not to put her on the ground because she was pregnant.

"I'm thinking between the ground and his knee, my water is going to break and I'm going to have a miscarriage or something," Aaron said.

You will note that the woman is not claiming to be a saint--she seems to freely admit that she bears some responsibility in this episode. (She could stand the dual lesson that smarting off to a cop rarely endears you to them and when they say "You're under arrest" they usually mean it.)

But talking loudly on a cell phone, even if she was swearing, as Officer Saoutis alleges, is not against Metro rules, and I can't see any rational example where it should merit arrest. At worst, it rates with the idiots talking on cell phones during movies. Throw the bum out, but arrest them? Who, exactly, are we kidding here?

This sort of treatment by police is why so many in our society no longer have faith in LEOs to equitably enforce the law. It breeds contempt of the law and those who enforce and administer it. Unchecked, it can lead to the breakdown of a civil society as each member decides that the law "doesn't matter" because it is enforced haphazardly and unfairly.

Keep it up, folks. Just keep it up. I'll issue a prediction. Soon, maybe within a couple of years, we're going to see a story that goes one of two ways. One, a cop tries this sort of thing on someone with a really bad attitude and the ability to turn the cop into a greasy smear on the sidewalk, and that is exactly what happens. Two, a cop is killed while a crowd of otherwise normal onlookers cheer. It will happen shortly after something of this sort receives wide media coverage because the abused citizen dies in the process. It won't be the cop who perpetrated the outrage, but that won't matter to the crowd--they all look alike in uniform.

And the lesson for the members of law enforcement? "One bad apple spoils the barrel." All it takes is the actions of one person to destroy years of careful work building community relations. A few minutes to piss away years of effort. Think about that, men and women in blue.

Monday, September 27, 2004

You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?

(Via Jerry Pournelle)

When the gov'mint decided that cell phones had to include GPS technology, "so we can locate callers when they dial 911 with an emergency", you had to know this was coming.

Big boss is watching:

Cell phones are giving employers new ways to check up on employees in the field--and raising fresh workplace privacy concerns as a result.

I don't have too much of a problem with an employer controlling where employees go on company time. Unless you have one very interesting job, I doubt you need to be going to a strip club. And you can't blame the cell companies for selling the service--it cost a lot to put in, and they're in business to "maximize shareholder value".

But just exactly how long will it be before our own government starts using this technology to track us--for the children, to fight the War on Whatever, or just for our own good?

I have one of the last non-GPS equipped phones, and I plan on keeping it for as long as possible. At least that way, they can only track me from cell to cell. Even then, I keep it off nearly all the time, and use a pager so that I can be contacted.

Paranoid? Maybe, but I value my freedom of untraced movement.

Another one bites the dust

Via WorldNet Daily

Armed robber fatally shot at social club

A 64-year-old man gunned down an armed robber Friday night in an apparent act of self-defense during a card game at a social club on Genesee Street, police said.


No charges were lodged against the 64-year-old card player, whose name was not released.

And this is Buffalo, NY for cryin' out loud! There may be hope yet.

I'm sure this will comfort the families of the victims

(Via WorldNet Daily)

Oakland halts DUI checkpoints after Hispanic leaders complain

But Hispanic community leaders and City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente complained that the checkpoints were making life miserable for illegal immigrants who aren't licensed to drive but otherwise obey the law.

I don't know about California, but it's amazing how many DUIs here in North Carolina are committed by unlicensed illegal immigrants--most without auto insurance, to boot.

I suppose we should just enjoy the ride as we slide down that slippery slope.

Show me the body

Pakistan Says Pearl Killer Dies in Shootout

We don't believe it until we see his cold, dead corpse.

Stop the presses!

(Via Drudge)

One of Kerry's big "Vote for me, I'm the Anti-Bush" lines is how he would have gotten the French and Germans on board before launching an Iraq invasion.


French and German government officials say they will not significantly increase military assistance in Iraq even if John Kerry, the Democratic presidential challenger, is elected on November 2.

We have got to get the simple fact through our collective thick skulls that Europe isn't interested in cooperating with us, unless they're the beneficiary of the cooperation. They want to control and channel the US, as the last remaining superpower, into behaviors that suit them. Hang our national interests.

3000 dead? Hey, we feel for you, but we won't help you make sure it doesn't happen again. Just do like the French and buy them off--it usually works.

Up yours, Europe.

Jimmy, get your foot offa my truck and shut the hell up!

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You know, I got tired of Jimmy Carter in the 70's, and I get tireder of him every time he opens his mouth.

Carter fears Florida vote trouble:
Voting arrangements in Florida do not meet "basic international requirements" and could undermine the US election, former US President Jimmy Carter says.

First things first. Jimmy, there's a host of reasons why you are a former president--and a one-term wonder at that. A few of the biggies are Whip Inflation Now, the Panama Canal, and the Iranian hostage fiasco. Face it, Nobel Peace Prize aside, you were a loser. The only reason you got elected is that the whole country was so tired of reminders of Richard Nixon that they would have elected a grinning, drooling idiot president. Oh yeah, we did....

Second, you, just like the rest of your Democrat brethren, insist of dragging out old, worn and disproved charges every so often, hoping we have forgotten that they are old, worn and disproved. That might work with the welfare clientele you court, but I think most people are starting to see through your favorite old tricks.

He accused Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, a Republican, of trying to get the name of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader included on the state ballot, knowing he might divert Democrat votes.

But I bet if a Democrat Secretary of State allowed one of the fringe Republicans to get on a ballot, that would be in the interest of fair play, right? Spare me.

"With reforms unlikely at this late stage of the election, perhaps the only recourse will be to focus maximum public scrutiny on the suspicious process in Florida."

As much as I hate to agree with him, let's do exactly this. Then we can all see exactly what level of perfidy the Democrats will sink to to keep the dead voting, and the military from voting.

And Jimmah, the Electoral Vote Predictor is currently Bush 280, Kerry 234. Put that in your Coke with your peanuts, chief.