Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

One more from my local area. These are the ones that just make you cry.

Investigation into boy's drowning will be turned over to DA today

Some quotes from the article:

...an investigation into the death of a 7-year-old boy who died after his uncle tried to drive through a rain-swollen creek ...

Jonathan's father, Wayne Morris, 32, was also in the car as it approached the creek. He told authorities that he got out of the car and said he wasn't going to go across. He said he tried to get his son out of the car, but the driver took off.

The crossing where the car was swept away is typically a shallow ford.

The men don't own property along the road, and wouldn't have had to cross the creek...

And the punch line:

Both men had been drinking and smelled of alcohol...

Sorry to offend anyone's sensibilities here, but if the facts hold we weight both of them down and throw them into the same creek the next time it floods. Swift and appropriate justice.

Poetic justice

From my local area...

A 26-year-old ner-do-well does himself in while committing a crime.

But the media can't bring itself to say that, it has to be "Man killed when tractor flips". You slime--he was stealing from a dead man! Just how thick does the scum have to be on the gene pool before you get the picture?

One down, way too many to go.

Will the West survive?

You may have seen this noted elsewhere, but if not, you need to read Walter E. Williams' short essay on the topic.

Like it? There's more.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Blindsiding the enemy

Judging from the reactions, our enemies in Iraq as well as in the media, were blindsided by Paul Bremer's handover of sovereignty to the new Iraqi government 2 days ahead of the June 30 scheduled date.

Of course, the media didn't stutter for too long, and are already on the attack about the decision:

But Washington responsible for success or failure of transition says MSNBC.

In the capital, the streets were almost empty and there were no exuberant scenes of jubilation like those that greeted the fall of Saddam's statue in April 2003 as U.S. troops swept into the capital. This from CBS News

The temporary stewards of Iraq's future reclaimed their nation two days early, accepting limited power Monday from U.S. occupiers who wished them prosperity and handed them a staggering slate of problems including a lethal insurgency the Americans admit they underestimated. That from ABC News (And that "occupiers" part...g-r-r-r-r.)

As per usual, no good news can come out of Iraq, sayeth the mainstream media, those liberal lapdogs who know all but tell only what they think you need to know. It doesn't make any difference in the great scheme of things that the Iraqis now have (admittedly partial) control of their country. It doesn't matter that the US and others are committed to helping them create the first truly democratic Arab state.

A plague on all their houses.