Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hm-m-m...the plot thickens?

The latest on the Pizza Hut driver case is here. Interesting, but probably not worth reading too much into the possibility that he may have fired after the perp was down. There have been too many cases where medical examiners made such claims, only to be proven wrong in court. (Read Massad Ayoub's columns in Guns or Guns and Ammo (not sure which one off the top of my head) for particulars.)

Bless this young lady's heart

She's 11 and shopping for clothes. Everything she finds is too revealing for her taste. She writes a letter to the store and they may actually be doing something about it.

Now of course, the cynic in me says the store is just doing this for the good publicity. Whatever, just so the issue is addressed. I have a daughter too, you see.

Oh, and bless her parents' hearts too, for raising a good kid.

3 less

FoxNews reports 3 terrorists were blown to their just rewards apparently trying to transfer explosives. There is justice in the world.

Well duh!

FoxNews has this opinion piece cataloging the failures of gun control in the US and around the world. It isn't news for any of us "gun nuts" but it is a handy source for all the important statistics, all in one neat package. Use 'em in good health.