Thursday, April 29, 2004

You may leave now

Rep. James McDermott, D-Washington (now don't that just figure) decided that he didn't need to place his hand over his heart of say the phrase "under God" while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

He claims that he left out the "under God" phrase because he learned his version of the Pledge before that phrase was added in 1954. I've heard the audio and find that explanation disingenuous. Why did he pause when reciting the pledge, allowing everyone else to say it? He knew exactly what he was doing.

Even Nancy Pellosi, Liberal Beyond Belief, took him to task over the omission. (Whoa!)

Of course, he could offer the defense of "I haven't learned anything since before 1954." Probably even be accurate.

Google IPO

I don't understand why. They've turned a profit for the last 3 years. Why subject yourselves to the pressures of being a publicly traded company?

Oh yeah. We want to be rich. Duh--silly me. I guess running the best search engine on the Internet, being highly thought of in most circles and being financially well off isn't enough these days.

Iraq my brain

trying to figure out just exactly what the dickens our government and military is thinking. If you've read this space very often, you know that I've been preaching that you can't negotiate with terrorists, and terrorists are our problem in Iraq. (Fine, fine. It's all about our occupying their country and whatever else you want to whine. Slink off into your piss-wet corner, liberal scum. What it's about is that Saddam & Co. were supporting terrorists all around the world in various ways. He had to go and we showed him the way out.)

So now we're looking to cut a deal with some of his former generals in Fallujah. Dubba, whatcha thinkin, boy? Do you really expect that these Saddamites are going to go in, get the people in that town we want and deliver them up to us, all nice and trussed up in the back of a truck?

We need to make an example of Fallujah. Destroy the place. Try not to hurt the innocent if possible, but make sure no two bricks are still mortared together when we leave. Make sure to tell everyone that the lesson will be repeated as often as necessary until they understand it.

On the topic of terrorism, the US State Department reports that if we don't count Iraq, terrorist incidents were at their lowest last year since 1969. You've all heard the rumors that we're deliberately not winning in Iraq in order to use it as a honey pot, pulling in all the "I want to die for Allah and take you with me Great Satan" types from all over the world. You have to wonder...

A hero comes home to stay

This is from BlackFive via Jerry Pournelle.

If you have dry eyes by the end of it, begone, and never darken my web doorstep again. Godspeed, Marine.

I'm back...

Spring is just too wonderful to miss, and I've been spending a lot of time outside--pollen and all. But my list of things to do has been caught up, so I'm going to try and post 2-3 days a week. I suspect that bad weather will up the number of posts, good weather reduce them.