Saturday, April 03, 2004

Good reads on a theme

Driving Down Unknown Roads: The Feminization Of America by Fred Reed

Women, Teasing, Tests, One-itis, and Hope by John Ross

Understanding Women & "The Rules" For Men, or Think of it Like Driving in England by John Ross

Advice to Women About Men, or JR Uses Your Wristwatch to Tell You the Time by John Ross. (Yeah, I like John Ross. So?)

Female readers of this space (are there any, or any readers, for that matter?) will likely brand me as a misogynist Neanderthal for pointing out these columns. I wonder what they'll say to this--I support the views. Based on personal experience, Freed Reed and John Ross have hit the nail on the head.

Act normal, attract the cops

(Via Wolfesblog)

If you use much electricity and put out your trash, you may just find the cops calling on you, bearing search warrants. No this isn't a joke--especially to one San Diego family.

A bit at a time, our freedom is being taken from us. Pot warm yet, Froggy?

We're waiting--still

Since my last post, I've totally held my silence on the subject of Iraq and retribution--waiting. Waiting for our military, our country, to whack the people who did this.

This from Reuters--Thursday.

More deaths and no action--Friday

Ditto--Saturday noon.

If you've ever been in the military, you have to wonder what this situation is doing to the morale of the troops on the ground. I hope they have confidence their leaders are planning that overwhelming response we've heard about.

The bodies are still piling up, like unsettled debts of honor. And we're still waiting.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm not a citizen of the UN

But the UN must think that we all are citizens of the UN. The World Court (*snort*) has declared, while issuing a ruling about how we run our criminal justice system, that its judgments are "binding, final and without appeal."

You may read the entire appalling article here. I suggest having a trashcan handy, so you don't ruin the carpet.

If you'd like a way to take out your frustration at our continued membership in this BS, pardon, august body, this gentleman can help you. After putting it to appropriate use, you might want to discreetly send it to the issuing body. Feel free to include a note.

Urban Renewal for Iraq

We'll start the morning's harvest with this from Fox about the killing and mutilation of some of our soldiers in Iraq.

IIRC, the last time this sort of crap happened was Somalia. President Clinton (may sexually transmitted diseases infest him) tucked tail and ran. This cost us much in the eyes of the world and helped form the terrorists' opinion that if they hit us hard enough we will fold. (Of course if we have a liberal progressive piece of excrement at the helm, we invariably will.)

President Bush, it's time to stop being compassionate. We don't need to win their hearts and minds, bring them the gift of democracy or any other such foolishness. We need to teach the terrorists to be frightened out of their wits of us.

Begin this process by leveling 5 square blocks of the center of Malahma--one for each of our dead. Then find the little prick that Fox has "cheering in front of the burning vehicle" and execute him publicly by drowning him in pig's blood. Announce that further recurrences of this sort of behavior will be met with more stringent measures.

Hours after the attack, the city was quiet. There were no U.S. troops or Iraqi police in the area.

I hope this is so that they won't be injured when the bombs begin falling. But I doubt it.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Closer to home, another hate speech incident

(Via WorldNet Daily)

At North Carolina's flagship public university, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we have yet another noteworthy incident of the left having decided that freedom of speech only applies if you agree with their twisted view of normality.

"University officials said they were monitoring the class to ensure students' free speech."

Well, I feel better now.

This from the school that, in a fit of absolute and universal lack of good taste, required incoming freshmen to read the book "Approaching the Qur'an: The Early Revelations" shortly after 9-11. They wanted us to understand the poor Muslims and why they have such an unreasoning hatred of the Great Satan, I suppose.

My tax dollars support these fools. Where do I go to get a refund?

Slipping a bit further down the slippery slope

While we're on the "This isn't the country I grew up in" theme, we have this lovely decision by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals on warrantless searches. In short, the majority approves.

I guess I better not go into the 5th Circuit's area, for I will surely be found in contempt of court. How could anyone who has any respect for the Constitution, let alone their oath of office, come up with such nonsense?

Perhaps the Supreme Court will get this case and have a fit of good sense. Perhaps monkeys will fly out my butt.

There will be order!

I despair at the state of this country. Truly I do.

We have here the classic Good Samaritan, arrested for adopting a stray chicken. I kid you not.

And after reading, you'll have to agree with the author--this man wasn't arrested for taking the chicken. That's an excuse. He said "No" to an officer of the law, and must be punished.

This is not the country I grew up in.