Saturday, March 27, 2004

Making up a people to make up a county?

Sometimes I get behind in my reading. This absolutely stunning opinion piece, written by humorist Larry Miller nearly 2 years ago, was called to my attention on a Usenet news group. (Yes, I still do NNTP, despite the crappy signal-to-noise ratio. Occasionally something useful floats to the top.)

You can argue about how long the concept of "Palestinian" has existed, but you can't argue with his take about "What if the situation was reversed?". Interesting reading.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

This man is not your friend

(Via WorldNet Daily)

The San Jose Mercury News brings us this story on Contra Costa County's desire to ban .50 caliber weapons. They're afraid some miscreant will use one to puncture oil tanks or some such drivel.

This is stupid for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it doesn't take a .50 round to punch holes in oil tanks. There are a fair number of long guns of sub-.50 caliber that will do nicely. Oops, probably shouldn't have said that, they'll want to ban those too.

But here is the part that seriously gives me heartburn:

East Bay residents can buy shotguns at the Martinez Gun Club, which is in an unincorporated area. Pro shop owner Joe Calim said he supports the ordinance because .50-caliber weapons are too dangerous to be readily available.

Now hold on just one freakin' minute. Joe Calim owns the pro shop at a gun club. One must assume that this guy makes his living by selling guns, ammo and associated supplies. But he's for this ordinance. Obviously, the man either suffers undiagnosed mental illness or he has succumbed to contact brainwashing from having to live around the flakes, fruits and nuts that have overrun the once great state of California.

Either way, he does not deserve the support of the gun club members or the general public. Since I doubt that anyone from Contra Costa County reads any of my rantings, allow me to generalize this for you.

"People who don't support your rights--any of your rights--are not your friends. You don't buy from them or sell to them. You don't socialize with them or their families--this extends to your kids playing with their kids. You work to make their life as uncomfortable and unpleasant as possible short of illegal acts. They deserve no less than your best efforts to make clear to them that they are socially unacceptable and personally unwelcome."

Some people are going to say this is harsh. I disagree. These are the people who are actively working to subvert your rights. You owe these people nothing, and that's what they should get from you.

Monday, March 22, 2004

News From the Trenches

I was following links from blog to blog, sort of bored and just exploring. But I found An Unsealed Room, and it might just be a keeper.

Well, I hope she learns a lesson!

(Via WorldNet Daily)

A few days ago I mentioned this bit of genius. So now the redoubtable Professor Dunn has been put on paid leave pending an investigation. OK so far, I guess. Unless this turns into a 6 month sabbatical.

But read on for the reactions of the various and sundry other professors, who are just worried to death that this will set back their cause. Man, I hope they're right.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Watch and Learn

If you value your Constitutional rights, you should watch this.

Brought to you by the fine folks at Keep and Bear Arms.

The "fog of war" lifts

The true hero of the ambush of the 507th Army Maintenance Company receives his due (second item on the page). Sgt. Donald Walters died a warrior's death, defending himself and his comrades. Rest in peace, hero.

Strange doings in OK?

It's been sort of lost in the noise generated by the War on Terror, but does anyone remember the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing? You remember--the event that gave rise to so many of Comrade Clinton's unfortunately successful attacks on our freedoms? Ah, good, I see you do.

Like every other event involving either major loss of life or the loss of a major life (such as Princess Diana), this event has had become surrounded by conspiracy theories of all sorts. Some of the most pervasive are that the FBI and/or BATF (spit) had prior knowledge of the plans and did nothing, so they could use the event to expand their powers.

Normally, I'm not to prone to belief in such things. It seems to me to be human nature to want to see shadows everywhere--probably some sort of hard-wired response from a time when we were the hunted rather than the hunters. In a time when so many people don't trust the government, this sort of thing should be expected.

But as bombing participant Terry Nichols prepares to face 161 counts of first degree murder in an Oklahoma courtroom, the pretrial discovery process is bringing forth all sorts of interesting news. A small-town newspaper, the McCurtain Daily Gazette has a number of them. WorldNet Daily, one of my daily reads, has been keeping track of the news related to this case since it started. Their archives are a good place to get up to speed. The major media, however, is pretty much ignoring the story. [A) You're surprised? and B) I guess they'd rather concentrate on promoting Presidential Pretender John "Hari" Kerry (spit).]

I'm not sure exactly what to make of all this just yet. I'm a firm subscriber to Occam's Razor, and conspiracy theories always violate that. But given some of the things that our own government has perpetrated on us (Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Medicare drug benefit), I'm going to keep a really close eye on this. Expect further posts.