Friday, February 20, 2004

Yet one more reason why I will not fly

We were warned many thoughtful commentators soon after 9-11 that if we were not careful, we'd do more damage to ourselves that the terrorists ever could. I present you our next installment of that damage.

Do you suppose the TSA is actually a front for some way-out environmentalism nutsos and is supposed to put the airlines out of business?

Nah. More likely yet another example of bureaucratic incompetence and taxpayer-funded stupidity.

But wait--another train of thought. Let's see now...We pay to be cavity-searched by uniformed buffoons, and are shoe-horned into badly ventilated, cramped aircraft which may or may not be properly maintained. We're served bad food, if we get any at all, by generally indifferent staff. Our planes are late and our luggage damaged if not lost. And we pay for the privilege.

I've got it now! All fliers are masochists!

Yes, I know I'm overstating things. But I quit flying years ago when it ceased to be fun. I drive everywhere I go, and if I can't drive, I don't go. You have to wonder how many people are just one short indignity away from a similar decision. You also have to wonder how many of those it will take to finally break the airlines once and for all.

But as one of my favorite authors, Jerry Pournelle, is fond of saying, "But we were born free."

The inside scoop on travel

I want to point you toward The Travel Insider. Yeah, I know, yet another travel site. Wrongo!

This is not Expedia or Orbitz or any of that sort of thing. This guy gives you a ton of tips on how to travel better and less expensively. There is also a lot of insider information on how the airlines are run, what sort of strange things they're up to at the moment, etc. Great stuff if you have to fly a lot.

He also does tours and such. Hey, a man's got to pay the bills.

He also has a weekly email newsletter which is great. I subscribed for "This Week's Security Horror Story", and I'm not disappointed. You can sign up for it on the home page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bottled water expires, but only in New Jersey

You can read about that here, along with a lot more on the subject of bottled | filtered | spring | etc. water.

I wonder what other things only happen in New Jersey?

Monday, February 16, 2004

Seeing him off with a blast...

(Via WorldNet Daily)

"The widow of an expert on vintage shotguns had her husband's ashes loaded into cartridges and used by friends for the last shoot of the season."

"Joanna Booth organised the shoot for 20 close friends on an estate in Aberdeenshire after asking a cartridge company to mix the ashes of her husband James with traditional shot."

Read the rest of the article here.

Oh my aching sides!

If this doesn't get a laugh out of you, nothing will.

Do you think Tim Berners-Lee expected his invention would be used for such things?

Secondhand Lions

We bought and watched Secondhand Lions this weekend. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and do so. The best thing about it is that you can watch it with your kids--and you can't say that about your average Hollyweird movie.