Friday, May 07, 2004

See what stupidity gets you?

(via WorldNet Daily)

It really jerks my chain. The war in Iraq was going fairly well, all in all. (Not handled the way I would have liked, but it did look like progress was slowly being made. Then we have a bunch of REMFs who just have to go get stupid and abuse the prisoners in their charge.

The reaction from Arab and Islamist extremists has been predictably over-the-top, as you may note in this article. They are calling for the mutilation of any American prisoners taken, and I suspect they'll do it.

So now, as well as tarnishing the reputation of their unit, their service and their country, this bunch of ill-trained and ill-disciplined fools are going to have the blood of their fellows on their hands. Out-freaking-standing.

Oh, and the chick in the picture with the article...I'm sure you've made your family real proud of you, sweetheart.

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