Thursday, March 18, 2004

Another case of believing their own propaganda

(Via WorldNet Daily)

I love this one. Apparently this "professor"--one must wonder exactly what she professes--decided that to make her point about "hate speech" (spit) she had to concoct some.

But here's the real outrage:

"Police said Wednesday that Dunn could be charged with filing a false police report but said it was unlikely that she would be charged herself with a hate crime."

No, I'm not outraged that they won't charge her with a hate crime. If there was ever a stupid and spiteful law, hate crime laws fit the bill. (I suppose you could say I hate hate crimes laws. Gee, is that hate speech?) What outrages me is that the poll on that page is running 92% in favor of this demented and deluded individual being charged with a hate crime.

If you want to do anything about her except hitting her with filing a false police report, hold her up to the public ridicule she deserves. Always a good think to do with Progressive Liberal Pukes.

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