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Prognostications for 2005

Yep, we're stingy alright

We Have A Winnah!

Guns, blogs and influence

Here he goes again...

Sorry...NOT SORRY!


Maybe we can close the books on 2004 MN4

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Asteroid 2004 MN4

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Catching up

Gun-grabbers at it yet again

But of course, the Liberals won't want to hear this...

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Things that make you go...Uh-huh.

Crime Control

"...a day that shall live in Infamy..."

Rule 1: Drive Fast


I'm what?!

The Bloggers' Legal Defense Society

Dear Spain,


Supporting the troops

Our future?

Another senseless 70s-related death

Will your printer narc you out?

You might think it's sad I'm blogging on Thanksgiving

Ancel Keys, dead at 100

Happy Thanksgiving

Kevin Sites' version of the story

Puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?

Europe – Thy Name is Cowardice


The Innocent Victims

The other side of the story, continued/amplified

The other side of the story

My obligatory post on Marines killing terrorists

Give the old boys a hand

Support the businesses who support the troops

Surreal, man, just surreal

Veterans Day

Warm down there?

Happy Birthday, USMC

Half of BBC staff face the axe

Gloat, Gloat On

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The Specter of a traitor

News Flash!

Well, howdy boys!

An interesting mental exercise

Godspeed, Marines

A trip to the gun show

The end result of the Welfare State


RINO hunting

I thought you said the last one was the last Wictory Wednesday?

Wrapping up loose ends


Jeeze, call it!

Watching, waiting

10 PM and all's well

Adding some more to the Levi's List

They're in the home stretch...

Lock and load

The Jacksonian Tradition and American Foreign Policy

Camping season is over

WTF happened to my comments?

Secret Weapons

I have in my hand the final Wictory Wednesday

Thanks for your help in identifying you

A beautiful sentiment

Oh you kids!

War Plan Orange

A cautionary tale