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Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 9

Today was my first trip out since last Saturday. I had a chiropractor appointment in a nearby town. While this wasn't zero risk, I've been going to that practice for some time an I know they're reasonably good on hygiene. I also had to hit the big-box home improvement store and, once back in my own burg, the drug store.

FWIW, the visit went well. It seems some of my plantar fasciitis issue in the left foot may be caused by that long-time pinched sciatic nerve. Some adjustments were made and it's feeling better. I'll know more after I'm on it a bit tomorrow.

What did I notice during the trip?

Gas is getting stupidly cheap. I saw $1.34/gallon for 87 octane. In my burg it's more expensive. The lowest I saw was $1.64.

Traffic is off, but not as much as you would expect with a stay at home order in place. Too many "essential" businesses. Still, it was like driving 25 years ago, except the people on the road were still as poor drivers as just before th…

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