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Driving tips

Over at Bayou Renaissance Man, there is a comment that deserves to win the Internet for the day. Scroll down to "Unidentified Victim"'s comment of tips garnered from police and/or escape and evasion driving schools. Some of the better ones you may not have picked up:

When you get in your vehicle the FIRST thing you do is step on the brake, start the engine, put it in drive and take the parking brake off. Seat belts, putting your purse somewhere, diddling with mirrors and radio, begging the kids to put their seat belts on, etc. comes after that. With engine on, trans in drive, brake off, to "get the heck out of there" all you have to do is step on the gas. You can DRIVE in the center lane but NEVER stop at an intersection in anything but the curb lane or median lane unless you're the first car in line in the center lane.

In the curb lane you can drive over the curb if you have to and go down the sidewalk to escape. In the median lane you can drive d…

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