Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#DeleteFacebook ?

I believe I've posted a few times on the utility of Facebook and the declining utility of same. Well, about a month ago, I deactivated my account and told Facebook not to bother me with their incessant "so-and-so posted this" attempts to get me back on their (dis)service.

No one thing brought me to the place where I turned it off, rather, it was a long series of events. As with my on-going efforts to de-Google my life (you're reading this on the last major vestige of Google in my life), I sort of walked into it slowly and deliberately, and one Sunday afternoon, I pulled the plug. *plink* No more Facebook.

There were still some things on Facebook I liked. Various ham radio pages, some WW II pages and the like all were still of interest. But the on-going deterioration of the overall experience due to the constant changes to the all-holy Facebook Algorithm, more and more intrusive ads and the steady leftist politicization of the platform all told me it was time to leave, and leave I did.

You know, I don't miss it at all. I have other places to get the ham info, and while I do miss the WW II stuff (it was mostly pictures), I don't miss the constant bickering that went with the content. I guess that silence is really golden, at least to a great extent.

I'm not alone. More and more people are retreating from or deleting Facebook from their lives, enough so that the hashtage #deletefacebook is trending in a minor way.

I wonder if we will ever learn the lesson of the Amish? They understand that technology is a double edged sword, and that it has to be rigorously controlled lest is take control of your life. I also recall a high school reading of Thoreau, "Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify." After a lifetime spent in and with high tech, I doubt I will ever be able to renounce it all, but I find myself more and more willing to give up parts of it nearly without argument. As a father who will very soon face an empty nest, the urge to clean house, to rid myself of possessions held tightly for years, many of them of decreasing utility to an aging man, is growing in strength.

I think this is simply the natural progression of someone who is unarguably in the autumn of their life. Luckily for me I've always loved autumn, with it's bright days, crisp temperatures, the changing colors of the trees, high school and college football and wood smoke in the air. There's still time for a little more fishing, some afternoons at the range and now, again, cycling. Camping takes on an extra level of pleasure as well.

But it's also time for putting the yard and garden to bed for winter, ensuring the house is ready for the cold rains and snow, that wood is split and the chimney is swept. For us humans who have to face our age, it's a time to do those same things in our lives. We update family trusts and wills, check over powers of attorney, ensure that the "Do Not Resuscitate" order is is findable and unfortunately start attending the funerals of friends who are departing early.

Still, if the actuarial tables can be trusted, most of us have many years left in which we can find things of interest and joy. Like others, I'm just going to look for them in places other than Facebook.

I see this as a Good Thing.

About that school shooting in Maryland

This little jewel popped up on one of the last social media sites I still frequent. Take a look at that long list of laws, most of them relating to firearms, all of which were passed by politicians who assured us that each and every one of them was "A good first step" or "Another step to reign in gun violence" or that we had to "Think of the Children!" or some other phrase meant to appeal to those who emote rather than think.

You know, I'd like to take all those politicians and their allies in all the gun grabber groups, stand them en masse up against a wall and...slather them in the blood of all the victims they have created. After all, they enjoy dancing in the blood of those victims--why not give them a full treatment.

My built-in nasty streak aside, this little graphic once again points out something that our side has been saying for years. You stop a bad guy with a gun by having a good guy with a gun close at hand. This doesn't mean no one will get hurt or killed. The good guy will always be, unfortunately, behind the curve. The bad guy will always control the where and when of a mass shooting. We have to wait for the balloon to go up and then react to the situation. But when you have an armed person on hand, whether they are, as in this case, a police officer, or they're just your average citizen who has decided to take personal responsibility and act as their own first responder, quick reaction in a mass shooting event saves lives.

No amount of angry teenagers on TV will change that fact.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Who needs the geographic coordinates of your front door?

When we can geo-locate every outdoor picture on the Internet?

It's getting hard to have a reasonable conspiracy theory these days; government is so far ahead of the tinfoil hat brigade that there's no catching up.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let there be light

As usual, I found this while I was looking at other things on the Intertubz. The Humphrey Gas Light.

I remember similar lights in old travel trailers when I was a kid. I don't know what models were available back then, but today there are a variety of models, colors and accessories that should allow you to adapt these for just about any use. The immediate uses I see is for off-grid lighting or emergency lighting. If you were building or retrofitting a house or a building, it wouldn't be much trouble to pipe in propane to various locations and install some of these for future use.


This week's Woodpile Report is a dandy. Yes, you ought to read it yourself, but I'm going to toss out a few items that I liked in particular.

I'm not sure if you've kept up with the information drops by or even heard of the Internet entity known as "Q". In certain parts of the Internet, there is much speculation on the information being dropped--some of it is pretty much conspiracy theory on steroids. But what if it isn't, and Q is really someone or a group of people who are in the know of doings so dark that they make the average conspiracy theorist look tame?

Illinois moves toward gun confiscation: a bill introduced in Illinois would attempt to force, probably unsuccessfully if history is any indicator, 18-20 year olds to surrender legally owned "assault rifles". Lawsuits are likely being prepped in the event of the passage of this affront on the Constitution, but frankly I won't give them much chance of success, given there is already a national prohibition of the purchase of handguns by 18-20 year olds. I still contend we should raise the age of majority to 21 and allow the Democrats to put their money where their mouths are.

Washington State "extreme risk protection order" law is actually used, by the book, Intertubz loses it's mind. The Raconteur Report rolls out some  information on why this is not the end of the world for gun rights and why it may actually be a good thing. I'm willing to let the court case work itself out before calling for everyone to go to the mattresses.

Young socialists in expensive locals are willing to pay old socialist big bucks to be miserable, as long as it's a comfortable misery. At least that's how I understand it.

We need to try socialism again, harder, because Trump. Or Whiteness, or some such BS. Personally, I think we need to try a complete societal breakdown. At least we might be able to get away with shooting the damn socialists without legal repercussions.

I'll stop here, before I just re-link the who thing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Big government killed free checking; Amazon may save it

(Via Claire Wolfe)

An interesting tale of how a checking account came to cost a bank $349/year to provide, why they can't make money off checking accounts any longer and how Amazon may change that dynamic.

Once again, an over-reaching government screwed things up for everyone. A healthy dose of unintended consequences didn't help. Who couldn't have seen those coming?

A little something from Miguel

(Via Michael Bane on Facebook)

Miguel has harsh yet true words for those who oppose the "Fix NICS" bill and the NRA haters.

He's right. The people who want to kill these things need to be forced to eat the entire shit sandwich the next time we have another school shootathon and the liberals finally get their wet dream gun ban. If we won't clean our own house, eventually, they're going to get the opportunity to do it for us, and we won't like it.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cycling, anyone?

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I've taken up cycling as an enjoyable way to get some exercise. I may go into some depth about it as the weather gets better, which I hope is soon. It's supposed to snow tomorrow--not much, but it's March and we should have seen the last of Old Man Winter for the most part. Life in North Carolina.

At any rate, I've subscribed to a few cycling email newsletters, and this was in one of them. 8 On-the-Road Bike Repairs You Need to Know. Being of the prepper nature I had already thought through a tool kit for my bike, and I have most of these skills from my old high speed, low drag days when I road biked. However, there are a couple of tricks in there that I didn't know about. Very cool.

Like rust, gun grabbers never sleep

Here is is, straight from the horse's...mouth. They want them all, folks. AR-15s, your old Marlin Glenfield, great-grandpa's shotgun. They want them all. They will use whatever pretense they can use to get them. "This is merely the beginning."

When gun grabbers tell you something like this, you'd better take them at their word. They're not done yet.

Understand that there is no politician, no political party, that we can trust to stand by us in this fight. The latest assault on our rights in Florida was passed by a Republican controlled legislature and signed by a Republican governor (who happens to be a transplant from gun ban happy Illinois). Politicians blow wherever the wind blows them. Right now, the wind is not blowing from our direction. That needs to change.

There are things we can do as individuals to make this change. It's important to write, email and call your elected critters at every level when you get the word they are considering legislation that will curtail your rights. I just got an email from our state gun rights group on a move by a local municipality that would shut down one of the biggest gun shows in the state. You bet I'm letting those worthies know that I'm not happy with that idea.

You should be a member of the NRA. While there are a lot of gun owners who piss and moan about the NRA not being pure enough or asking for money too often or whatever, the NRA is suing in federal court to overturn the Florida law. Things like this cost money, and I'm going to drop some coin into some of the NRA's various online cups to help support the fight. I'd much rather the fight take place in a court room than on my front porch.

Speaking of the NRA, if you aren't a member, why? Because you were once and they asked you for money? They called you on the phone or sent you mail? Like I said, fighting for your rights costs money. Lobbying in DC and 50 state capitals isn't cheap and if you want it done well, you don't do it on the cheap. You hire professionals and you give them the best tools of the trade, and that includes money. We gun owners supply the money. You don't want phone calls, just tell them and they'll stop. You don't want the mail, simply toss it.

And please, for the love of John Moses Browning, don't tell me about Gun Owners of America and the rest. Sure, they're doing good works, but the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla. With something like 6 million members, when they knock on doors, the doors open. We need to give them more members so they can say they represent 8 million, 10 million, 20 million voters, because nothing gets a politician's attention like the possibility of being an unemployed politician.

Way too many people thought they could relax when Trump won the presidency. They've spent the last year plus kicked back and doing jack for gun rights. Well guess what? The other side hasn't been kicked back--they've been organizing and waiting for the right time to make another mad dash for gun bans. 17 dead kids in Florida was their right time. They're on the move and moving hard and fast. Get off your butt and start fighting back.